Spoilt for choice with antioxidants? RefinedMD has the right one for you!

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Spoilt for choice with antioxidants? RefinedMD has the right one for you!

Using an antioxidant daily can help you achieve healthy, bright skin, but watch out! The “wrong” antioxidant for your skin goals and needs can backfire. For most patients, Dr. Steven Swengel recommends a daytime antioxidant, a nighttime retinol or TretA, and only using medical-grade peptide technology along with a pure, zinc-based sunscreen. However, there are a lot of products within this “fabulous four” skin care regimen to choose from. We’ll help you make the right selection.

Most antioxidants are made with vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and they are a fan favorite at RefinedMD. They come in a range of pH options and delivery systems to ensure the products penetrate your skin at just the right depth. This means getting matched with the right antioxidant requires expert guidance. Plus, Vitamins C and E are great, but they’re not for absolutely everybody. Some patients might find these vitamins make them red and flushed. The good news is that there are many other products that can achieve similar in those with more sensitive skin, such as:  resveratrol, green tea polyphenols, caffeine, C-ferulic, Silymarin.  Each one is chosen for its respective skin type needs.

Skin Care Lines

We only carry leading, proven, medical-grade products at RefinedMD. SkinCeuticals features a robust lines of antioxidant serums. They’re known for top-of-the-line delivery systems that get the product into the skin where it can do its best work. Available for sensitive skin, dry skin, sun damaged skin, and skin with a myriad of issues like acne and excess oil, there’s a SkinCeuticals product for you. Top products from SkinCeuticals available at RefinedMD include C E Ferulic, Phloretin, and Silymarin.

Revision is another great medical-grade brand, and we love their C Correcting Complex packed with powerful Vitamin C. It offers the highest concentration of Ascorbate and a bevy of skin brighteners if you want antioxidant protection plus an extra shot of vibrancy.

Obagi-C Rx is a line from the famed brand that includes a unique Vitamin C line with a 4% hydroquinone concentration. Available in two different serums, for those with either dryer or more oily skin, it’s a great way to get the antioxidant protection you need alongside some serious HQ brighteners.

All-natural antioxidant lines are also available at RefinedMD in both serum and cream form. A combination of green tea polyphenols, caffeine, and resveratrol is a great pick for those who find that Vitamin C irritates their skin. If you have rosacea or chronically red, inflamed skin, we have a solution for you!

Finally, we’d love to introduce you to a new concentrated retinol rerum that combines the best of a number of products including: all trans retinol, bakuchiol, licorice root, green tea polyphenols, and caffeine. Available in 5X or 10X, this skin care cocktail is a real powerhouse.

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