We Make Choosing Your Facial Plastic Surgeon Easy

Choosing Your Facial Plastic Surgeon | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

We Make Choosing Your Facial Plastic Surgeon Easy

Your face is your first impression—whether in-person or on Zoom. RefinedMD has always been about providing you with the absolute best when it comes to every treatment and procedure, and that includes facial plastic surgery. Dr. Sudeep Roy specializes in facial plastics, and a specialist is definitely who you want on your side when considering any type of surgery. There are some surgeons who offer just about every type of cosmetic surgery, but what does that mean? Ultimately that they are a jack of all trades, and what you want is a master of facial plastics.

All cosmetic surgeons undergo extensive specialized training, but a facial plastic surgeon focuses strictly on the neck and above. However, this means much more than training while in medical school, internships, and fellowships. All surgeons are also required to undertake a certain number of continuing education trainings throughout their career, and facial plastic surgeons stick with face-centric trainings! Not only do these highly specialized surgeons strictly work with facial procedures day after day, but they also stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and tools exclusively for the face.

Finding the Right Surgeon for You

Opting for a facial plastic surgery is a big deal. A procedure can make you look years younger, healthier, and happier. But how do you choose a surgeon? It can be overwhelming, but we’ve made it easy for you. First, if you’re thinking about a facial plastic surgery, only trust a facial plastic surgeon for this procedure. These are the experts who simply have the most experience and expertise in this area. You’ll also want to ensure they are board-certified. That might sound pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how many plastic surgeons aren’t certified.

That’s just the basics. A before and after gallery is an excellent way to gauge the skill of a surgeon and whether they might be a good match for you. Every surgeon should be quick to show off their talents, so a small gallery (or no gallery!) should be a big red flag. You’ll want to look for prior patients with similar before pictures as you to see the kind of results you can realistically expect. But still keep in mind that every surgery should be customized for the patient.

Your Pre-Surgery Prep

Online reviews and testimonials are also great tools when you’re searching for a surgeon. There are websites that allow for non-biased reviews (after all, no surgeon is going to put a subpar review on their website). Take some precaution with third party sites because sometimes reviews are paid for. It’s also human nature to be quicker to complain than compliment. Look for overall themes when it comes to reviews and once again seek out patients who had the same procedure you’re considering.

You’ll also want to check and see what associations or organizations the surgeon you’re considered belongs to. This can help you gauge how active they are in their non-operating hours. A surgeon who is involved with complementary groups is more likely to be up-to-date on trainings and the latest procedures, which will always work in your favor.

The Big Decision

Ultimately, you’ll want to find plastic surgeons who offer complimentary consultations. It’s quite costly if you’re paying just to meet with a surgeon. A complimentary consultation shows you that the surgeon believes in their work and results—and that they value your time. You’ll also get to know their bedside manner and personality during a consultation, which should play a big role in your decision. This is the surgeon who you’re going to trust with life-changing results and you deserve to like them! Trust your gut here because it’s going to provide insight you can’t find in any gallery or online review.

Dr. Roy provides consultations for all procedures because he understands what a big decision this is. You have choices when it comes to surgeons, and your initial consultation might be the first step on a collaborative journey with a surgeon who will give you results you’ll love. Work with the best facial plastic surgeon in San Jose, Dr. Roy, and schedule your consultation at RefinedMD today. Simply call the office, fill out the form, or start an online chat now.