COVID Update: Specials and Medical Derm Appointments

COVID Update: Specials and Medical Derm | RefinedMD

COVID Update: Specials and Medical Derm Appointments

For the safety of you and our staff, RefinedMD is temporarily closed to practice self-isolation and social distancing. However, we are available for virtual consultations where you can meet with a dermatologist who can assess whether an in-person appointment is necessary. Virtual consultations and appointments are akin to “e-screenings” and are essential for medical dermatological patients with potentially urgent skin concerns and issues.

We are also offering complimentary aesthetics virtual consultations so you can get a head start on all your pampering and skin care in anticipation of the lift on temporary closures. At RefinedMD, we have a large suite of products, procedures, and treatments for all your aesthetic needs including AquaGold, CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, microneedling, injections, and so much more.

However, you don’t have to wait until we re-open our doors to take advantage of some irresistible skin care specials. Currently, you can shop and order all of our skin care products at 20 percent off. Stock up on your favorite lines and products or take advantage of this special pricing to try out something new. Virtual aesthetics consultations are the perfect way to work with an expert to design an at-home regimen that will help you look and feel your best. We only carry proven, effective lines like DefenAge, ALASTIN Skincare, and EltaMD.

How to Approach Skin Care during Lockdown

If you’re used to taking care of your skin with regular treatments and in-office procedures, we’re here (virtually!) to work with you during self-isolation. There are many things you can do at home to supplement your usual in-office treatments and to help you keep your skin healthy, youthful, and vibrant in these unusual times. The best way to adopt (or adapt) a new regimen during this time is to schedule a virtual appointment with an aesthetic specialist. However, we do have a few tips that will apply to most of our clients.

Remember that sunscreen is critical. Understandably, a lot of us are trying to get outdoors at least a little bit every day. Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D, and fresh air can be an essential part of stress-management during such tough times. However, the sun’s UV rays are also very dangerous and increasingly so in the summer months. It’s important to have a dermatologist-recommended broadband sunscreen that you wear any time you’re outside or exposed to UV rays (this includes sitting by a window while you telecommute). Right now, all of our skin care products are 20 percent off, including sunscreens, which makes this a perfect time to re-commit to sun protection.

At-Home Skin Care

Sunscreen is just part of a home skin care regimen—although it’s arguably the most important part. Hydration is also essential. Dry skin shows lines and wrinkles more easily, and hydrating skin on multiple levels can help your skin look as youthful as possible (at least until we re-open our doors for your preferred in-office treatments). Talk virtually with an aesthetician today to design a customized home treatment plan with skin care products capable of hydrating and moisturizing the biggest organ that you have.

Treating under-eye bags and dark circles has quickly become a pressing concern for many who are now working from home. There are many potential causes of this common ailment, including genetics, loss of “good fat” due to aging, or lack of sleep (which is common for those who are working and parenting from home). We have a number of products designed to help with this particular problem area and are shipping now so you can start looking bright-eyed during those morning Zoom meetings.

We Can’t Wait to See You

These are difficult times for all of us, but know that at RefinedMD we’re working hard to provide you with as much care as possible until we can see you in person. That’s why we’re offering up to 10 $100 gift cards per client for just $75 each. You can use these gift cards on any service or treatment, saving up to $250 total. Check out all of our specials and purchase your gift cards and skin care products now—you deserve it.

Watch our website for updates on COVID-related closures and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about any changes. We hope you and your loved ones are taking care, safe, and staying healthy.