DefenAge Sweep 2018 Aaesthetic Awards

DefenAge Sweep 2018 Aaesthetic Awards | RefinedMD

DefenAge Sweep 2018 Aaesthetic Awards

DefenAge has revolutionized skin care and treatments. RefinedMD’s Dr. Swengel says, “I don’t say this about most medical grade products, but this is a product I embraced over two years ago and still find it surpasses in its ability to transform skin.” If you want to reduce fine lines, pore size, and even hyperpigmentation, it can be a game changer. “The longer you use it, the better your skin looks. It has become a daily part of my skin care and works beautifully with other new lines such as Alastin, Sente, Revision, Epionce, Hyalogy and Restorsea to give your skin the perfect support it needs for that ‘glow’ we all deserve.”

Skin Care and Finding Fantastic Products

Too many people waste their time and money at cosmetic counters. What is needed is a perfect combination of medical-grade skin care products that really work. Dr. Swengel is not alone in his recommendation of DefenAge. In October, the products absolutely swept the Aaesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards, winning in a staggering total of seven categories. This includes Top Aaesthetic Company, Top Breakout Company, Top Medical Skin Care Line, and Top Spa Skin Care Line.

No other product line has achieved such impressive results from a non-biased, third-party awards entity. Additional awards include the Top Aaesthetic YouTube Video for the “Study Says That Skin Can Naturally Turn Back the Clock.” Two articles featuring DefenAge also won for Top Aaesthetic Publications.

When defensin-based technology is utilized, incredible results are possible. However, it can be difficult to gauge what the best products are. It gets easier when both Dr. Swengel and over 30,000 voters revere the same company and products. According to the CEO of DefenAge, Dr. Nikolay Turovets, “Performance of defensin-technology and our products is proven by rigorous clinical studies. The fact that many voted for DefenAge in a plethora of categories just proves that DefenAge is truly well accepted by the market.”

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