DefenAge Earns Master Patent

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DefenAge Earns Master Patent

Just in time for your autumn treatments at RefinedMD, the manufacturer of DefenAge skin care has been awarded a master patent for the revolutionary, anti-aging skin care products’ core technology. The patent was awarded by the European Patent Office for the product known for activating cells dormant in the body and producing younger-looking skin.

What Makes DefenAge So Special

What does this mean for you? You can now use products that use immune peptides—also known as defensins. Defensins are the powerful core of DefenAge, carefully utilized in a variety of concentrations to offer the most effective anti-aging results for your unique skin. These immune peptides are especially fantastic for evening out skin tones, reducing wrinkles and pore size, and minimizing brown spots and redness. Skin is brighter with more clarity, firmer, and beautiful when the right defensins go to work for you.

According to the Chairman of DefenAge’s Medical Advisory Board:

The key mechanism behind defensins is the messaging to dormant, relatively young and fresh skin’s master cells that are located all across our body. When these cells get activated, they produce young, new skin. Our body uses these ‘preserved’ cells during wound healing; therefore, skin in a closed wound is always younger than the skin around the wound. The use of topical defensins on intact skin is a truly revolutionary approach for anti-aging purposes.

DefenAge undertook 14 clinical trials to ensure each product is safe and effective. Study results revealed that aging skin improved without causing dryness, inflammation, or irritation. By tapping into the regenerative powers of your own body, you can enjoy a “new epidermis” without harsh chemicals or costly treatments. DefenAge is a skin care line backed by technology and supported by evidence-based results. No animal or human ingredients, parabens, colorants, or BPA are in DefenAge and the products are never tested on animals.

Customized Skin Care

Interested in getting your own customized DefenAge regimen? Contact RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 and get ready to greet autumn by putting your best face forward.