Plump and Perfect: Dermal Fillers for the Win

Dermal Fillers for the Win | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Plump and Perfect: Dermal Fillers for the Win

When is more plumpness a good thing? When you’re thinking about dermal fillers for the lips, cheeks, hands and other key areas—all of which are available at RefinedMD. Many people in San Jose opt for dermal fillers to look younger, healthier, and happier. There are many factors that can make a person look older than they are. Wrinkles are a big one, but these can get filled with fast, non-surgical procedures.

When treatments begin early, you may even be able to put off or avoid more invasive procedures (like facelifts) entirely. Every person loses fat as they age. Unfortunately, it’s rarely where we want to lose fat. Instead, fat is lost in the face and on the hands. This can result in thinner lips, bags under the eyes, a gaunt look from cheek fat loss, and veiny hands.

Dermal fillers can add volume where you’ve lost it, or where it never was. All treatments at RefinedMD provide natural, attractive results. You can add definition and shape to the lips, using dermal fillers to fill in lip lines and make lipstick application easier. When expertly applied to areas of the nose, you can get the results of a non-surgical nose job. Enhance your features while taking years off your life.

The hands are an increasingly big concern for a lot of people. They are one of the giveaways of our real age. Look at the hands of a teenager or someone in their 20s, and you’ll see there’s a softness and natural plumpness, no matter the weight of the person. It’s a sign of youth and one that can be regained with dermal fillers.

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Some people worry that the results will leave them with duck lips or looking like they’ve had “something done.” That only happens when the wrong product and subpar techniques are used. With skilled dermal filler experts, you can achieve results that are natural and exactly what you want. Schedule your consultation with RefinedMD and treat yourself to a more youthful you.