Dermal Fillers, San Jose Style

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Dermal Fillers, San Jose Style

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to San Jose dermal fillers, from the material used to placement options. RefinedMD combines world-class facial cosmetic surgery with the best aesthetic services, including injectable dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can be a great complement to several surgical procedures, such as dermal fillers in the cheeks along with a facelift to give you the ultimate youthful, natural-looking results. However, sometimes dermal fillers can even be used as an alternative to plastic surgery.

Dermal Fillers: Your Alternative To Plastic Surgery

Known as the non-surgical nose job, for some patients, dermal fillers might be all they need to get the look they want. Technically, this practice isn’t new, but the latest advanced techniques are. You may have heard them called a “liquid nose job,” and it works by injecting dermal fillers in and around the nose area to lift, contour, and reshape. The hyaluronic acid in San Jose dermal fillers can hide issues like bumps and crooked areas, making noses look more refined and straighter.

It’s no surprise that dermal fillers are much faster than rhinoplasty with no downtime. However, liquid nose jobs aren’t for everyone. Dermal fillers can only address certain issues, limiting their effectiveness. If you need tissue removed from the nose to get the desired result, dermal fillers won’t work. Another issue is longevity. No dermal filler is permanent and most last around 12 months.

Dermal fillers as an alternative for nose jobs can be a great way to test out a look before committing to rhinoplasty. Fillers can also be dissolved, so if you do fall in love with your new look and want to make it permanent, it’s easy to get rid of the fillers and opt for a rhinoplasty without having to wait a year for the fillers to dissolve on their own.

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Using dermal fillers to get the look of rhinoplasty is somewhat common, but dermal fillers are much more popular to plump up the lips or fill in hollowed out areas. They can be a standalone procedure or an amazing complement to a surgical or aesthetician treatment. Learn more about dermal fillers in San Jose by scheduling your consultation with RefinedMD today.