How Dermal Fillers Help You Tap into Your Inner Violet Beauregarde

How Dermal Fillers Help You Tap into Your Inner Violet Beauregarde | RefinedMD

How Dermal Fillers Help You Tap into Your Inner Violet Beauregarde

If you asked your elementary school math teacher, “When am I going to use all this stuff, anyway?” the answer might lie in dermal fillers! Whether you’re new to the world of dermal fillers or a pro, understanding how dermal fillers are measured can be confusing. Maybe you think 2 – 3 syringes per treatment site sounds like a lot—or not enough. For those who aren’t math whizzes, there are easier ways to think about dermal filler measurements. The “sweet” reality of dermal filler measurements is that a single syringe of dermal filler is about the same volume as one blueberry.

Don’t worry. Even if you really indulge and get multiple treatment sites on your face, you’re not going to get results like Violet Beauregarde! Thinking of dermal filler amounts as akin to a favorite summer berry is simply a way to understand exactly how much hyaluronic acid is being used to rejuvenate your face (and perhaps the tops of your hands!). Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Dermal Filler Math

It’s actually pretty simple. One syringe is the same volume as five blueberries. Or, to break things down further, 1cc = 1 ml = 1 blueberry = 1 syringe. So, why isn’t it always that straightforward? You can thank the metric vs. imperial system for that! Since dermal fillers are wildly popular around the globe, some marketing materials might be directed towards Americans who use the imperial system while others are directed at the vast majority of people who use the metric system. 

Plus, it’s also important to remember that your unique dermal filler experience will be customized just for you and your needs. Many clients do not use the entirety of their last syringe in order to achieve perfect results. But still, we understand that you want to know exactly what’s happening during your treatment, including how many dermal fillers (ahem, blueberries?) are being injected.

The Average Dermal Filler

Just because 2 – 3 syringes (which equates to 2 – 3 blueberries) is the average for each treatment site doesn’t mean that’s going to be the magic figure for you. At RefinedMD we work with each client to understand needs, goals, and what they would really like their outcome to look like. Also bear in mind that swelling is very common after any injection, including dermal fillers. If you think you look like you overloaded on dermal fillers immediately after your appointment, don’t panic. This swelling will subside and you will have a very good idea of what the full results will look like in a few days.

Of course, for the literalists among us, you might be wondering what kind of blueberries we’re talking about. Are these Titan blueberries that are about the size of a quarter? Tiny, sour blueberries grown from dwarf shrubs? Once again, it’s an average. Take a look at the typical blueberries the next time you’re in the store and you’ll get a good idea of what to expect. You can easily hold two syringes of dermal filler—or 2 blueberries—in your hand without them spilling.  

Getting Your Just Desserts

Having just the right amount of dermal filler injected is just one key factor in getting results you’ll love. It’s equally important that you’re matched with the right type of dermal filler and that the injector is a highly skilled professional. These three “musts” should never be compromised. You can get just the right amount of dermal filler injected, but if it’s the wrong filler type or if it’s injected by someone who isn’t qualified, you’re not going to love the results. While it’s true that all dermal fillers are temporary, some last up to 18 months and you don’t want anything except stunning results during that time.

A great way to learn more about dermal fillers and every procedure is with a consultation. This no-pressure appointment is your chance to get your questions answered and see exactly what these syringes look like. Knowledge is power, and that’s true when it comes to your cosmetic procedures as well. To schedule your consultation at RefinedMD for dermal fillers or any other procedure, contact the office today or complete the online form.