DermalInfusion: We Can Turn Back the Clock—But it Keeps on Ticking

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DermalInfusion: We Can Turn Back the Clock—But it Keeps on Ticking

If you want to look like your best, healthiest, most youthful self, it takes regular and routine care. RefinedMD specializes in a comprehensive approach to skincare, offering both facial cosmetic surgery and a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. DermalInfusion is a three-in-one, non-invasive procedure that offers patients incredible results in less than an hour. It ultimately combines three of the most important parts of medical-grade skincare in a single procedure.

DermalInfusion: Exfoliate, Extract and Infuse

First, there’s exfoliation to remove dry, damaged skin cells. With DermalInfusion, clients enjoy the results of a proprietary handpiece featuring a pneumatic chamber. A diamond tip is used to exfoliate the skin, followed by a tiny vacuum that immediately extracts the exfoliated materials from the skin’s surface. As soon as the skin is clear and primed for your customized serums, it is infused with exactly what your skin needs to look its best.

The exfoliate, extract, and infuse approach happens so quickly that DermalInfusion feels like a single procedure—but it’s not. It combines these three treatments close together so there is no time for additional dead skin cells to appear or pores to be clogged. It’s critical that the infusion aspect of DermalInfusion occurs when the skin is as clean and clear as possible. Otherwise, barriers can prevent serums and ointments from fully penetrating the skin and doing their job.

DermalInfusion is also unique because it’s completely customized. The infusion aspect of the procedure includes the placement of gels, serums, or ointments that are specifically designed for each patient’s needs and goals. Some people call DermalInfusion the next level of microdermabrasion, but it’s more than that. Microdermabrasion is a fantastic exfoliator, but it is not an extractor or infuser. Plus, DermalInfusion uses a diamond tip to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, while microdermabrasion uses loose crystals.

Some reports show that DermalInfusion can volumize the skin by up to 70 percent and can last for three days. However, the true lasting results are much longer because your personalized infused products can work for weeks.

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Remember that the clock is always ticking, but just like daylight savings time, we can also turn back our skin clocks regularly for a fresher start. Schedule your DermalInfusion appointment today by calling RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082.