Dermalinfusion Takes Pampering to the Next Level

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Dermalinfusion Takes Pampering to the Next Level

What if a 30-minute or 60-minute pampering session could dramatically decrease wrinkles while improving your glow and skin tone? That’s exactly what Dermalinfusion can do, available at RefinedMD in half-hour and full-hour sessions. It’s our signature offering that combines three treatments in one. Even better, it’s a relaxing experience that takes pampering and kicks it into overdrive. You’ll leave feeling and looking refreshed, happy, and healthy.

The first phase of Dermalinfusion is exfoliation. Gently removing the top layers of skin on the face can reveal younger-looking skin below the surface. However, in-office exfoliation offers results you can’t get at home. Next, there are extractions. Cleaning out clogged pores provides smoother, clearer-looking skin. It also reduces acne breakouts by removing trapped dirt, oil, and makeup.

Finally, the treatment infuses the skin with a variety of restorative serums. This means more volume and plumpness through the right kind of hydration. Skin looks and feels smoother and younger. Makeup can be applied effortlessly, but many clients prefer to showcase their younger-looking skin and show off that glow makeup-free after treatment.

Dermalinfusion has the ability to minimize lines and wrinkles, treat acne and light scarring, and addresses discoloration often brought on by sun damage. You can choose from two different treatment lengths so that this special splurge will work for you and your schedule. Shorter sessions are perfect for quick lunchtime treatments. The full hour offers even better results and more time for pampering.

Many clients prefer to schedule regular Dermalinfusion treatments every few months. Unlike some more aggressive treatments, this session is all about making you look and feel your best. The results are immediate and there is no downtime. You don’t have to change your skin care regimen, and if you’d like, you can immediately apply makeup.

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