Dermatology Times Reveals “What’s New and Hot in Acne and Rosacea”

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Dermatology Times Reveals “What’s New and Hot in Acne and Rosacea”

Acne and rosacea are two very common skin conditions that can be treated with aesthetic treatments. These conditions blur the lines between medical and cosmetic skin care, and that’s our specialty at RefinedMD. According to the report, a lot is happening in the world of acne and rosacea when it comes to treatment options. Acne vulgaris has a common pathophysiology that includes inflammation, abnormal keratinization, an uptick in sebum production (oily skin), and “follicular proliferation of cutibacterium acnes.” Dermatologists have long had a lot of options when treating acne, starting with common first line treatments, alternative or additional therapies, and choosing the right treatment while keeping in consideration the severity of the acne.

Some of the most common initial treatments for mild acne include a topical retinoid, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotic topicals, or a combination of these applications. For those who require additional treatment for mild acne, a topical dapsone may be added.  Those with severe acne typically start with oral antibiotics plus a combination of the topical therapies used for milder cases. Dermatologists may also prescribe oral isotretinoin. However, there are now many new topicals on the market—and many are effective for both acne and rosacea. Working with a skin care expert who blends medical dermatology with cosmetic dermatology is essential because keep in mind that acne is indeed a medical condition.

Non-Rx Options

When traditional prescriptions for acne and rosacea aren’t fully working, the Times recommends laser and other energy-based device therapies. This can be especially helpful for those who find topical prescription to be irritating, have low efficacy, remissions are not stable, or for those who simply struggle to stick to such a skin care regimen. Plus, topicals can have unwanted side effects including antibiotic resistance, vaginal candidiasis, GI issues, and even allergic reactions.

For many years, isotretinoin has been the staple prescription for severe acne because it quickly minimizes oil production. However, it is also linked to chapped lips, overly dry skin, sun sensitivity, and thinning hair. Plus, our sebum also keeps us looking younger and this means many who treat severe acne with isotretinoin are giving up a youthful appearance for the sake of clearer skin. Other, better options may be available which is why the Times notes that patients are seeking “new answers in lasers and technology.”

The Power of Lasers

According to the report, 65 percent of patients are “non-compliant with [acne] prescriptions.” On average, it was found that patients visit five dermatologists before realizing they aren’t getting the results they want—and then they turn to lasers. Specifically, the Times recommends 650 microsecond 1065nm lasers, 1726nm wavelength lasers, and broadband light (BBL) energy-based devices.

A combination of therapies, including various lasers, can help you get the results that you want and deserve. Unlike lasers of the past, there are now a variety of options that are suitable for all skin tones (previously, those with darker skin were not a good fit for lasers due to risk of hypopigmentation). There are also other cosmetic options such as microneedling for acne scarring and chemical peels that can be helpful when getting rid of signs of acne past.

Developing a Regimen for Acne and Rosacea

Acne can be cured and maintained, but there is no “cure” for rosacea. This inflammatory condition is chronic, but it can be managed. Avoiding your unique triggers is a must, but lasers and medical grade skin care topicals can also do a lot when keeping rosacea in check. If you have noticed an increase in flare-ups for both acne and rosacea recently, it’s likely due to seasonal changes—but help is available. Working with skin care experts who know the importance of treating both the medical and cosmetic side of skin conditions is essential for results that last.

Learn more about our lasers and other procedures to treat all of the 3,000+ skin conditions. Acne and rosacea can be physically painful, but also troubling emotionally and mentally. Your face makes your first impression and you deserve to look and feel your best. Connect with RefinedMD to get your acne and rosacea under control. Call the office or complete the contact form now.