Dermatology Times Calls Thermage FLX “Single Session Standout”

Thermage FLX “Single Session Standout” | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Dermatology Times Calls Thermage FLX “Single Session Standout”

There are a few different technologies for skin tightening, so how can you figure out which one is best for you? Depend on recommendations from skin care experts. Both Dermatology Times and the team at RefinedMD consider Thermage FLX a “single session standout” because the vast majority of clients require just one session for optimal results. Thermage FLX is the only monopolar radiofrequency (RF) device that is FDA-cleared to use on both the face and body—including the very delicate eyelids. Physicians called is the best option for full-body skin tightening via The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC).

However, it took the technology awhile to get here. Thermage FLX is the next generation of RF skin tightening technology, following on the heels of its predecessor which the Times reports was “too painful, overly promoted and created fat atrophy.” The actual Thermage technology has been available for well over a decade, though strangely few people knew or talked about it until recent years. This non-invasive treatment for facial and body wrinkles (as well as cellulite to some degree!) has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to yield long-term results that are striking, dramatic, and yet natural looking. And, most importantly, the latest generation of Thermage FLX is faster, easier, and much more comfortable than in years past. However, a numbing agent is still applied to the treatment site 45 – 60 minutes before your treatment to maximize your comfort.

Heating Things Up with Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX is the very first RF device that holds a patent on heating up dermal tissue via cross-polarization. It also features a reverse thermal gradient so that the energy is evenly delivered to the treatment site. This lets your provider “stamp” the energy rather than delivering it in a linear motion—for clients, this means more comfort and an even more uniform delivery. Called monopolarity, this approach also allows for a deeper penetration of RF energy, letting it get down to subcutaneous fat.

Thermage tech has been years in the making. Back in 2007, there was the multi-pass NXT protocol that made the treatment more tolerable and safer than years past. However, the vibration added in 2009 was the first big game changer. “This is the gated theory of pain,” explains the Times. “Just as the dentist grabs your mouth before injecting the needle, the first thing patients feel is vibration, then the RF.” The Faster Algorithm Experience—or FLX—is an auto calibration so providers don’t need to tune the energy delivery system of Thermage. It’s just now a handpiece and a touchscreen to effectively deliver the necessary energy to tone and tighten the skin.

Faster, Smoother, Better

The addition of Thermage FLX has shortened treatments by 33 percent. This means that treating the face and neck, a common combination, takes just 60 minutes. For those who only want to treat the eyelids, it’s just 20 minutes. Today, most patients do not require medications for pain. They are awake and comfortable during the treatment. There will be some redness after this treatment in most cases, but Thermage FLX is considered a zero-downtime treatment. Still, you might want to schedule your session so that you don’t have to return to meetings or a big event afterward.

Also remember that Thermage FLX is not an alternative to a facelift. Surgical interventions are going to be much more aggressive, with more impressive results, but do come with the downtime of surgery. Most people interested in Thermage FLX already know they aren’t ready for surgery or they are aware that they want to delay it. It’s common to combine face tightening with Botox and fillers to maximize results. After all, this combination has Thermage FLX tightening skin, Botox freezing wrinkles, and fillers replacing or restoring volume. It’s this three-prong approach that can really turn back the clock.

Is Thermage FLX for You?

Although Thermage FLX isn’t a surgery, the results are considered “significant” by dermatologists. The Times reports that after just one treatment on the brows and eyelids, “millimeter-sized changes make a difference in how patients are perceived … that’s a fantastic 20-minute brow lift in patients who don’t want injectables or surgery.” While Thermage FLX usually only requires one treatment with results that last several months, other RF energy devices may require 5 – 6 treatments to yield “satisfactory” results.

Treating the eyes is especially popular with younger patients. Older patients want a more comprehensive treatment, particularly on the neck. No matter what area you want treated, knowing the results just keep getting better over time (1 – 3 years to be exact) will have you loving Thermage FLX for months to come. To learn more or schedule your consultation, connect with RefinedMD today. Give us a call or complete the online contact form.