DiamondGlow is the Treatment for Her—and Him

DiamondGlow is the Treatment for Her—and Him | RefinedMD

DiamondGlow is the Treatment for Her—and Him

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean there’s not enough love and sparkle to spread around. It’s being touted as one of the top treatment for men in 2023, along with staples like “Brotox.” Even the makers of DiamondGlow feature a male model on their homepage, so clearly men are discovering the perks of this customizable 3-in-1 treatment. Diamonds are for everyone, just like DiamondGlow, so if you’re looking for a procedure that’s quick, luxurious, and will really make your skin radiant, DiamondGlow is the answer.

Right now is a great time to opt for this treatment, especially after the past few weeks of winter weather (although in California, it’s never really winter). This facial can help you get ready for spring, slough away dead skin cells, and restore your skin to smoothness and vibrancy. It simultaneously exfoliates, extracts debris from pores, and infuses skin with hand-selected topicals. This in itself is proprietary and luxe, but what really makes DiamondGlow stand out is the selection of genuine diamond-crushed tips. During the exfoliation part of the treatment, your provider will select the tip or tips for you in order to achieve optimal dead skin cell removal and debris cleansing. The result is the revelation of healthier, brighter, more youthful skin below the surface. Say goodbye to dryness, dullness, and pigmentation in just half an hour.

The Diamond Difference

Often lumped into the “facial” category, DiamondGlow is actually much more than a facial. It works deeper than other facials and has the ability to both exfoliate and hydrate at levels that are unprecedented thanks to specialized technology. There are six different tips available for individualized exfoliation, and also a suction device designed to tackle pores. However, it’s the bathing of skin in medical-grade products during the final stage of the treatment that really makes it a “facial.” Other facials may simply include cleansing of the skin and applying topicals, but clearly there’s a DiamondGlow difference. It is genuinely three treatments in one.

Men particularly love this treatment because it’s so easy to fit into busy schedules and requires no downtime while offering immediate results. It can do so much in just 30 minutes because it’s working simultaneously. This popular lunch hour procedure will give you baby smooth skin and the ability to immediately get back to your day looking refreshed and revitalized. Although you’ll love how your skin looks right away, results can keep improving for up to one month—right when many people schedule their maintenance session.

Is DiamondGlow for You?

DiamondGlow can be a great choice for virtually anyone of any age and skin tone or type. There are few contraindications, though having open lesions is one of them. Given the exfoliating factor of the treatment using crushed diamonds, you should wait until all lesions are closed before scheduling your treatment. This can include acne lesions. However, if you want soothing in the interim, RefinedMD offers a variety of other, less aggressive options to help your skin heal.

Otherwise, no consultation is needed for DiamondGlow and you can book your appointment right away. One of the most common reasons clients opt for DiamondGlow, besides simply wanting great skin, is to address uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. Many clients often notice a decrease in breakouts, too, since DiamondGlow effectively removes excess sebum, congestion, and the ability for pores to harbor the bacteria that causes acne. In fact, DiamondGlow is a highly recommended tool for preventing future breakouts for those who get their acne under control (and if you’re not quite there yet, we can also help you stop acne!).

Getting on the DiamondGlow Trend

Thankfully, in recent years men have been taking a greater interest in caring for their skin and discovering the many ways in-office treatments can help them look and feel their best. Regular DiamondGlow treatments will help you look younger, be healthier, and achieve the clear skin you deserve. Book yours today and discover for yourself why celebrities and non-celebs alike can’t get enough of this bling.

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