DiamondGlow: The Perfect Summer Treatment for Those Who Prioritize Luxury and Time Management

DiamondGlow: The Perfect Summer Treatment | RefinedMD

DiamondGlow: The Perfect Summer Treatment for Those Who Prioritize Luxury and Time Management

DiamondGlow is a celebrity-loved treatment not only because it uses real crushed diamond tips (hello, luxury) but also because there’s no downtime and it takes just 30 minutes. Available at RefinedMD, DiamondGlow is the ultimate summer 3-in-1 facial. It’s not nearly as harsh as a chemical pee, which many people avoid in the summer months since peels can make skin hyper-vulnerable to UV damage. Instead, DiamondGlow combines exfoliation with pore extraction and a rush of medical-grade skin care (via topical products) for skin that glows, as Rihanna said, “like a diamond.”

There are very few contraindications for DiamondGlow and it can be used on men and women on any skin tone and type. However, since it is a “dry” treatment, those with open wounds (such as active acne breakouts) may want to wait until these lesions have cleared before undergoing a DiamondGlow treatment. Otherwise, if you want the ultimate summer skin, it’s time to get your glow on. Many people opt for monthly treatments in order to sustain their results.

What to Expect

Even though DiamondGlow does just about everything at once, it technically begins with a full exfoliation. This treatment usually takes place on the face but can be performed on the neck and chest, too. Your provider has a variety of crushed diamond tips to select from, and may choose a few different options based on your skin and treatment zones. Diamonds provide the perfect toughness to remove dead skin cells as well as unclog pores. Clogged pores are a leading cause for both breakouts and enlarged pores, but it’s nothing DiamondGlow can’t handle.

DiamondGlow is often performed monthly because that’s the typical schedule for pore-clogging. Makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer, sebum—these are all major factors in debris and clogged pores. When DiamondGlow clears out the gunk, skin looks and feels smoother, pores appear smaller, and you’re at a lower risk of breakouts and blackheads. However, it can be dangerous to squeeze pores yourself because the skin can break (and welcome in infection). Pores should only be unclogged during professional services in most cases.

Making the Most of DiamondGlow

At the end of your treatment, DiamondGlow seals the deal by delivering hand-selected medical-grade topicals to the skin. This is the perfect time since skin is perfectly clean, clear, exfoliated, and clog-free. The exact topicals will depend on you and your skin, but your provider will go over them with you prior to starting the treatment. Your skin is an organ so its needs are always changing. Getting a DiamondGlow treatment is a fantastic way to try out new (to you) serums and topicals without committing to an entire bottle.

DiamondGlow is a great treatment on its own, but you can also combine it with other procedures for even better results. For example, dermaplaning before your treatment will remove the peach fuzz on the face that can get in the way of perfect exfoliation and topical treatments. DiamondGlow removes debris from the face, but dermaplaning (and waxing) is the only option for getting rid of fuzz. You can also opt for microneedling or AquaGold in order to get below the skin’s surface. Both of these are forms of collagen induction therapy, but AquaGold takes it a step further by having serums (like Botox and fillers) go into the channels created by the pins. An individualized plan for your skin is the best way to get top results that last. Let’s talk about it during a consultation.

DiamondGlow Difference

DiamondGlow can be a year-round treatment and pampering session. Since it just takes 30 minutes, it can fit into busy schedules. No downtime means you don’t have to plan around it. In fact, a lot of people (including celebrities) get a DiamondGlow treatment the morning of a big event. Combine it with dermaplaning and you’ll enjoy topicals like sunscreen and makeup that goes on even smoother and more precisely—so you’ll look and feel your best. To find out more, schedule a consult, or book your DiamondGlow appointment, get in touch with RefinedMD by calling the office or filling out the online contact form.