What’s the Difference Between a Peel and a Facial?

What’s the Difference Between a Peel and a Facial? | RefinedMD

What’s the Difference Between a Peel and a Facial?

These two terms can be confusing because the treatments are often performed in the same appointment—but they couldn’t be more different. In short, a peel removes things from the skin while a facial applies products to it. At RefinedMD, we exclusively offer the best, professional-grade options for both chemical peels and facials for results that you’ll love. Let’s break down the differences between the two and explore which approach might be right for you.

A chemical peel is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mixture of chemicals that peel away the top layer or layers of skin. The results are two-fold, both immediate and delayed. By peeling away the top layer of the skin, superficial damage like some sun damage and brown spots are immediately removed. It reveals younger-looking, healthier skin hiding right below the surface. However, a chemical peel is also a type of collagen induction therapy. When skin is professionally damaged (but not too much), it “tells” the body to start producing more collagen at the site. It takes a few weeks for new collagen to be created, but this is why you might notice your peel looks even better after a few weeks! Chemical peels provide a double whammy of results.

Feeling a Facial?

Unlike a chemical peel that works by removing superficial layers of skin, a facial imbues the skin with hand-selected products to help your skin with a myriad of issues. Just like chemical peels, there are all kinds of concoctions that might be in a facial, and we’ll work together to choose the perfect combination for you. Our skin is the largest organ we have, and it’s also exposed to abuse like pollution. Facials are like an antidote to everything our skin puts up with that gives it what it needs to heal and look beautiful.

Facials can help to restore moisture, minimize lines and wrinkles, battle acne and other skin disorders, and keep oily skin in check. Just like with chemical peels, we only offer facials at RefinedMD that have been proven to provide the best results. This isn’t a “facial” like what you can pick up and DIY at the store. Facials at clinics include topicals that are only available to professionals.

Types of Peels

The Cosmelan Peel is one of the safest and best peels to achieve long-term improvements to the skin. It is known as a de-pigmenter, which means that it tackles sun spots and brown spots. If you want to get an even skin tone with maximum glow, the Cosmelan Peel might be for you—and it only takes 30 minutes to apply. You’ll be sent home with a clay mask that is to remain on for 8 – 12 hours, and given how powerful this peel is you might notice skin pinkness for up to two weeks. However, it’s also gentle enough that you can apply makeup after just 72 hours. This peel can be reapplied every six months.

The Perfect Peel is optimal for those looking for a lighter touch and zero to minimal downtime. Take on acne, melasma, and hyperpigmentation with a peel that lightens and brightens. The Obagi Radiance Peel is the gentlest available, comprised of botanicals as well as lactic and salicylic acid. It goes great with medical-grade Obagi topicals, too. The Theraplex Peel is the most-requested and available in a variety of strengths. It’s ideal for oily and acne-prone skin because it delves under the sebum (unlike water-based peels).

Feeling a Facial?

We offer three facial treatments including the Men’s Facial, Anti-Aging Facial, and Luxury Facial. All are fully customizable based on your needs and goals. The Men’s Facial is a deep-cleaning option with extractions and acupressure. The Anti-Aging Facial combines chemical exfoliation with a mask and massage. It’s ideal for both skin that is already experiencing signs of aging and those who want preventative measures. Our luxury treatment is 90 full minutes of non-stop pampering including a double cleanse, massage, and gentle treatment to prep skin so that it looks its best immediately after your session.

Which treatment or treatment combo is for you? Book a consultation or appointment and find out. Contact RefinedMD right now by calling the office or filling out the online contact form.