Emsculpt Listed as a Top Treatment Aestheticians “Do to Themselves”

Emsculpt Listed as a Top Treatment | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Emsculpt Listed as a Top Treatment Aestheticians “Do to Themselves”

Have you ever wondered which treatments your aesthetician undergoes (spoiler: you can always ask us!)? According to New Beauty, there are a few treatments that top the list when it comes to aesthetician do’s, including Emsculpt. That’s no surprise since Emsculpt is totally non-invasive, requires no downtime (except the DOMS, of course), and it can help you take your gym goals to the next level without lifting a finger. We offer both Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO because we want our clients (and our aestheticians) to have choices. Here’s why this technology is a must-have for experts and clients alike.

Emsculpt is the original technology by BTL. It forces targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. You can book back-to-back appointments to target multiple sites per session. Supramaximal contractions are the kinds of contractions your muscles already do when you’re lifting weights, doing manual labor, or otherwise stressing muscles. These contractions create tiny good tears in the muscles that “tell” your body it needs to be stronger—and in turn more toned—in case that stressor happens again. This is how muscles “grow.” Those small tears develop a good kind of scar tissue, thus the “bulk” of muscles.

Risks of Muscle-Building

With Emsculpt there are no risks. The treatment creates perfect supramaximal contractions that aren’t going to tear the muscles beyond what they need to grow. That isn’t the case in the gym or in real life. Many people have been benched because of poor posture, trying to lift weights that are too heavy, or simply one wrong move (like forgetting to put on a lifting belt for their deadlifts). If a muscle is torn too much, it needs rest. During this time, it’s repairing itself but it’s also atrophying. This is one of the reasons getting toned at the gym is difficult and has its limitations.

Of course, it’s also difficult to grow muscles at the gym simply because it takes a lot of time and effort. You’re going to naturally reach a plateau you can’t break through, and this even goes for professional bodybuilders. It’s no secret that “getting gains” is tough and simply doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule. Plus, even if you do get the kind of muscles you want, a stubborn layer of fat can hide it. They say you can’t spot reduce, but that’s only true when limiting to diet and exercise. Emsculpt NEO has changed all of that.

The Emsculpt NEO Difference

Emsculpt NEO is the original Emsculpt technology plus radiofrequency (RF) energy. RF is a well-known method for non-invasively targeting small areas of fat and melting it away. Those fat cells are then metabolized and removed by the body naturally in the days and weeks following the session. Emsculpt NEO feels pretty much like the original Emsculpt, but is preferred by many clients who treating areas like the abdomen. Other areas, such as the glutes, may be better suited for the original Emsculpt because many people want to get stronger in the booty but keep any extra padding.

It’s important to point out that results from Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO, and the gym aren’t going to be immediate. Most people require 4 – 6 initial sessions spaced one month apart for optimal outcomes. You’ll be able to tell a difference in progress photos, fit of your clothes, and measurements. Skip the scale because you’re growing muscles, so your weight might even go up (even if you’re opting for the additional fat-melting of Emsculpt NEO). After your initial series, maintenance sessions every six months is a good idea.

Bear in mind that Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO are not substitutes for a healthy diet and exercise, but a supplement to it. You might opt for these treatments if you’re getting ready to undertake a new healthy lifestyle and want a kick-start, or it might be a complement to an existing healthy routine and a booster for blasting through a plateau. Sessions are just 30 minutes and there’s no downtime, but you can expect soreness the next day. Feed those muscles protein right after your sessions and sip on BCAA-infused water right before, during, and after your treatment to help with soreness. To find out more or schedule your sessions, contact RefinedMD today by calling the office during business hours or filling out the online contact form now.