Emsculpt NEO + Emtone is the Power Couple We Need

Emsculpt NEO + Emtone is the Power Couple We Need | RefinedMD

Emsculpt NEO + Emtone is the Power Couple We Need

Maybe you’ve heard about Emsculpt NEO or even tried it out yourself! It quickly became one of the most popular treatments at RefinedMD because it can build muscle and bust fat at the same time. Emsculpt NEO is the latest generation of Emsculpt, and instead of “just” building muscles (to the tune of 25% increases in muscle mass on average!), it also burns fat away for good with radiofrequency technology (HIFEM+). Since strong is the new skinny—but you do need to have moderately low fat to show off how strong you are—it’s no wonder Emsculpt NEO is so popular.

But have you heard about Emtone? It’s one of the latest technologies from the makers of Emsculpt NEO and the perfect pairing to building muscle and fat reduction. Emtone is a fantastic solution for cellulite with a quick treatment that’s completely non-invasive. It uses RF energy (just like Emsculpt NEO!) along with targeted pressure to minimize the appearance of the harmless condition that plagues the vast majority of women—and some men.

What is Cellulite and How Emtone Helps

Before digging deeper, let’s review what exactly cellulite is. Cellulite is caused by fat squeezing through the septae (fibrous bands), most often in the buttocks and thighs. Over 90 percent of women will have some degree of cellulite and you don’t have to be overweight for cellulite to happen. In fact, weight loss can sometimes help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but not always. Women are more prone to it than men thanks to their natural fat distribution, but men certainly aren’t immune to developing cellulite.

There are some existing solutions for cellulite, but they might not treat your problem area. Emtone can be used on any body part affected by cellulite and is suitable for men and women alike. There are also some other treatments that work by reducing fat or tightening skin, but that doesn’t actually address cellulite. Cellulite does not necessarily partner up with skin laxity, and removing fat doesn’t always remove cellulite. If you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite, you need to tackle the real cause.

Meet Emtone, The Brother Of Emsculpt NEO

Emtone combines both mechanical and energetic approaches for serious cellulite reduction. One study found that over 90 percent of patients were happy with their results three months after their treatment, and 93 percent reported a “visible reduction of cellulite.” On average, clients enjoyed a 2.2 centimeter reduction in the circumference of their thighs, one of the most common places for cellulite to appear.

These clients also said they saw a marked improvement in the viscoelasticity of their skin, and 86 percent said they could visibly see an improvement of skin laxity. Those who opted for Emtone on their waist reported a 1.43 centimeter reduction in circumference on average. Wait—Emtone on the stomach? Yes! Unlike some other cellulite reduction treatments, Emtone can be used just about anywhere. This includes the abdomen, buttocks, love handles, thighs, arms, and knees. Most clients require at least two treatments before they start to see results, and full results are visible 3 – 4 months after their last treatment.

Is Emtone or Emsculpt NEO Right for You?

Are you thinking of building muscle and burning fat? Emsculpt NEO is a perfect solution for many people. But if you want a non-invasive cellulite treatment to improve your skin’s appearance, Emtone might be better for you! Emtone primarily targets cellulite, but also helps with overall skin elasticity and pockets of fat. Emtone can even help improve blood flow and loosen up collagen fibers that are creating the appearance of cellulite. During your appointment, a protective lotion is applied to the skin and a handpiece is glided across the treatment site. The sensation is a little warm and a tapping noise lets you know that the pressure energy is being applied. Each treatment site requires 5 – 15 minutes. Many clients compare the heat sensation to a hot stone massage!

With Emtone, it’s common for skin to look a little pink after the treatment, but that’s usually the only “side effect.” Clients get right back to their daily lives and can enjoy watching their cellulite disappear in the weeks that follow the treatment. Most clients require four sessions up to twice a week for optimal results, though this will vary based on your body and goals. To learn more or schedule your Emsculpt NEO or Emtone skin tightening and cellulite appointment, connect with RefinedMD by calling the office or completing the online form.