Emsculpt NEO: The Ultimate Two-in-One Treatment

Emsculpt NEO: The Ultimate Two-in-One Treatment | RefinedMD

Emsculpt NEO: The Ultimate Two-in-One Treatment

It’s not enough to just burn fat or build muscle—you need both, but that takes a lot of time, work, and risk. That’s why RefinedMD offers the Emsculpt NEO treatments, the latest iteration of the revolutionary Emsculpt technology. While Emsculpt has made headlines for building muscle fast, Emsculpt NEO burns fat at the same time. The result is the sculpted, toned, lean look you love without having to lift a finger. Emsculpt was already a fan-favorite before COVID-19, but now that the gyms have been closed for over a year, you deserve to get back in shape fast.

Here’s how it works: Emsculpt technology makes targeted muscles undergo 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes per treatment site. You can use Emsculpt in the areas that are often targeted for “gains” including the glutes, legs, and upper arms. Muscles get bigger (also known as “toned”) when they sustain controlled injuries and rebuild themselves with thicker fibers. However, if the injury is too severe, it could results in a pulled or torn muscle and you’ll be benched for quite awhile. Muscle-building was inherently time-consuming and dangerous until Emsculpt arrived.

Why Emsculpt?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to your body whether your muscles get micro-injuries from lifting dumbbells or from Emsculpt. The process and results are the same. However, nobody would be able to perform 20,000 lunges, squats, or crunches safely and certainly not in just 30 minutes. That’s the Emsculpt difference. You’ll definitely feel sore and we highly recommend protein and BCAA-infused water right after your treatment, but the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) typically feels similar to a serious gym workout.

Since Emsculpt works just like old-fashioned weight lifting, it’s important to keep in mind that the results also work the same way. You won’t see a difference immediately after your session because muscles take time to rebuild, repair, and get stronger. You will also need more than one initial session, but this number will vary based on your body and goals. Many clients undergo three initial treatments and then maintenance sessions scheduled about six months apart.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Bust Fat?

Emsculpt NEO builds off the technology of the original Emsculpt, by emitting high-intensity electromagnetic energies and radiofrequency (RF) at the same time. It’s the RF that burns fat and, in turn, shows off those muscles you’re growing! Plus, Emsculpt NEO is designed to be suitable for a wider range of clients and is capable of treating those with a BMI up to 35.

By combining that HIFEM and RF energy, you get a double whammy of treatment and results. The RF heats up the muscles quickly, which helps to prep muscles for those 20,000 contractions. This is very much like a warmup before weight lifting, but even better. It takes just four minutes for the subcutaneous fat to reach the ideal temperature for apoptosis, which is the technical term for permanent fat cell loss or death. On average, clinical studies of Emsculpt NEO have found that clients enjoy a 30 percent reduction in that unwanted, subcutaneous fat.

Get Summer Ready

Even though Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO results take some time to show, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start now! You will start seeing some results in between your first and second appointment, which means you can showcase your new summer body with plenty of sunny days ahead. Emsculpt NEO can be a fantastic alternative to working out for those needing fast results, but works equally as well as a complement to your current workout routine.

Clinical studies have also shown that the muscle-building facet of Emsculpt results in a 25 percent increase in muscle mass. That’s a big difference, especially if you simply don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym. Building muscles is tough work if you take the old-school approach, but with Emsculpt NEO you can get the boost you need—and the results that you’ve always wanted.

Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO are completely non-invasive, quick, and easy. Most clients read, work on their tablet, or scroll through social media during their treatments. Schedule your consult or appointment today for Emsculpt NEO at RefinedMD by calling the office or completing the online form.