The Thunder Down Under: Can Emsella Cure Incontinence?

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The Thunder Down Under: Can Emsella Cure Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence, especially after childbirth, is a subject often overlooked in the medical field. However, at RefinedMD, experts know that urinary incontinence is a very real, common, and often embarrassing issue for many women. Postpartum, the pelvic floor can be incredibly weakened. This can lead to incontinence when a woman laughs, sneezes, works out, or is simply going about her day. Wearing pads or being worried about coughing should not be “just part of life.”

For years, women simply accepted that urinary incontinence was a likely side effect of giving birth. With Emsella, that no longer has to be the case. This non-surgical, fast, and pain-free procedure can strengthen the pelvic floor by stimulating the pelvic floor muscles via thousands of contractions. It is essentially a supported workout specifically for this part of the body. The pelvic floor is notoriously difficult to “work out,” even when taking classes (often in yoga studios) specifically for postpartum women. Instead, many women mistakenly perform kegels when they think they’re working their pelvic floor. With Emsella, there are no mistakes and no required exercises.

By stimulating the pelvic floor muscles, women can regain control over their bladders. Since the bladder rests against the pelvic floor muscles, the strength of these muscles is key in keeping incontinence in check. However, these muscles—just like any muscles—atrophy with lack of use and can be damaged from a trauma. Childbirth, though beautiful, can also be extremely hard on the body. Without proper exercise or Emsella, it can be impossible to regain the control and strength in pelvic floor muscles postpartum.

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Emsella has the capacity to increase the quality of life and banish the thunder down under for good. In this simple procedure, clients remain fully clothed and experience no discomfort. It’s discreet, and it works. Find out more about Emsella and if it’s right for you by contacting RefinedMD today.