Combine Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery for Optimal Results

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Combine Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery for Optimal Results

There are two kinds of cosmetic eyelid surgeries, including upper and lower eyelid surgery. Also known as blepharoplasty, RefinedMD works with patients to determine their ideal goals—and this often leads to both upper and lower eyelid surgery. The two surgeries offer completely different results, and most patients understandably want both. Let’s consider the differences between the two.

The Full Eye Treatment

Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin (and sometimes fat) from the upper eyelids. This skin and fat are often what causes droopy, wrinkly, sagging skin around the eyes. In severe cases, there is so much droopiness that it becomes a medical condition known as ptosis. When ptosis is present, it interferes with your vision. Many times, upper eyelid surgery to treat ptosis is covered by insurance policies, even though the surgery is identical to cosmetic surgery. Removing this excess skin using tiny incisions that are hidden in the natural creases of the eyelid instantly makes you look younger and brighter.

Lower eyelid surgery removes excess skin from below the eyes, “lifting” the skin upward. This immediately vanquishes wrinkles and crepe-like skin below the eyes. It also gets rid of undereye bags and can reduce the appearance of dark circles. Lower eyelid surgery is always considered cosmetic, and it can make a person look years younger.

The face is one of the first places to show the signs of aging, and the eyes are particularly poor at keeping secrets. The skin around the eyes is especially thin, delicate, and prone to sun damage. Most people start noticing crow’s feet and lines around the eyes before any other sign of aging, sometimes even in their late teens or 20s.

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Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find out just how quickly the eyelids heal. In just 10 days, many patients return to almost all of their daily activities. The results can last for years, and it’s virtually impossible to spot any incision lines. Lower eyelid surgery incisions are hidden along the lash line and sometimes even inside the eyelids. To learn more about upper or lower eyelid surgery (or both!) call RefinedMD for a consultation at (408) 688-2082.