Women in Their 40s Choose Facelifts Over Botox

Women in Their 40s Choose Facelifts Over Botox | RefinedMD

Women in Their 40s Choose Facelifts Over Botox

Should you get a facelift or opt for a less invasive procedure? At RefinedMD and around the country, women in their 40s are choosing a facelift—because why wait to get what you really want? Today’s facelifts mean minimal incisions and gorgeous, natural-looking results that help women (and men!) look up to a decade younger. Gone are the days when the modus operandi was to “hold off” on plastic surgery as long as possible. This is largely due to the latest facelift advances that promise incredible results and a surprisingly quick recovery time.

When you choose a high-quality surgeon like Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy, everyone will notice that you look fantastic, but there’s no way to tell you’ve “had something done.” With results like this, it’s no wonder that facelifts increased in popularity by ten percent last year—with no sign of slowing down. Many other cosmetic surgeries have stabilized, but facelifts are one of the few that continues to rise in popularity.

The Benefits of Younger Skin

When facelifts were first available, it was often women in their 60s and 70s who opted for the procedure. While any healthy adult woman can achieve gorgeous results from a facelift, there are some serious benefits to having a facelift at a younger age. Younger skin heals faster, meaning you can enjoy a shorter downtime. Plus, women who are still career-minded also consider facelifts a savvy move. Ageism, unfortunately, is an issue on the job, and those who are younger—and look younger—often have an advantage.

But what if you don’t think you’re quite ready for a full facelift? You’re like a lot of patients in their 40s and even younger. A facelift is often an umbrella term for a lot of cosmetic facial surgical procedures. There are various types of facelifts consisting of several degrees of surgery. Your skin, your goals, and of course, your age will all play a role in determining the exact type of facelift that’s right for you and where the incisions will be placed.

What to Expect with a Facelift

Downtime will vary based on your age, skin, and the type of facelift. However, no visible scarring is now the norm with facelifts, and many patients have a healing window of just two weeks. Many patients also add an upper or lower eyelid surgery to their procedure—and might be surprised to learn that these are completely separate, different procedures than a facelift. A facelift addresses the lower half of the face and the neck. The eyes and brows require additional procedures. The great news is that these areas also heal quickly.

Compared to fillers and non-surgical treatments, the results of a facelift are incomparable. They last for years, and you can extend the results with a dermatologist-created personalized skin care regimen. Botox can also help extend results by preventing the creation of new lines and wrinkles. A lot of patients choose to complement a facelift with fillers and non-surgical treatments. Fillers can help restore volume lost due to aging, which (along with wrinkles) is one of the most common signs of age.

Undergoing any type of surgery is a big decision. You deserve to have only the best when taking care of you. That’s why Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy specializes in facial plastic surgery and is proud to have garnered scores of glowing reviews from happy patients. Looking and feeling your best means treating yourself right, sometimes at a younger age than you might think. If you’re waiting until you “really need” a facelift, that might be a mistake. Keep in mind that younger skin typically responds much better to surgery, so why wait to take advantage of the results you’ve been dreaming about?

At RefinedMD, we give patients incredible results that look 100% natural. With incisions hidden in the natural folds of the ear, nobody will be able to tell you’ve had a facelift, but everyone will take note of how great you look. If you’re in your 40s and aren’t sure if a facelift is right for you quite yet, a consultation can help determine the best treatment approach. Contact RefinedMD today to schedule your consultation.