How Facial Plastic Surgeons Differ from Other Plastic Surgeons

Facial Plastic Surgeons Differ from Other Plastic Surgeons | RefinedMD

How Facial Plastic Surgeons Differ from Other Plastic Surgeons

If you’re considering facial plastic surgery, it’s imperative that you work with a facial plastic surgeon rather than an overall plastic surgeon. At RefinedMD, Dr. Sudeep Roy is the resident facial plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and facelifts. This is for the same reason that you would go to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist rather than your GP when you know something is going on in this particular part of the body. The body is a large and complex machine—that’s why specialists exist. And if you’re thinking about treating yourself to a facial surgery, don’t you want to be cared for by an expert who has been focused solely on these procedures?

After medical school, a facial plastic surgeon completes 5 – 6 years as a resident. This is typically in the field of facial plastic surgery or otolaryngology (head and neck surgery). The first year of this residency is all about general surgery, but the following years are where specialty training begins. As you can imagine, a “general” plastic surgeon spends all 5 – 6 years in general plastic surgical training, which means they miss out on 4 – 5 years of strictly studying facial plastics.

Similarities and Differences among Plastic Surgeons

Every facial plastic surgeon is a physician who opted to undergo many additional years of training and education. In total, facial plastic surgeons have 20 years of education under their belt before applying for a residency that allows them to focus on surgeries that most interests them. A “resident” is someone who is a physician, but is continuing with post-graduate training once their MD is complete. Those who are accepted to a facial plastic surgery residency are part of a very small pool of selected candidates. The vast majority were in the top tier of their medical school class (top 25 percent). It is more competitive and difficult to be admitted to a specialized form of plastic surgery when compared to general plastic surgery, in most cases.

During their residency period, residents study anatomy, illnesses, physiology, and surgical treatments for the neck, face, and head. Following their residency, the surgeon must complete a two-day written certification and oral exam. When they pass, they become a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. The exams cover all facets of their residency training.

Lifelong Education and Facial Surgery Training

Completing a residency and passing exams is just the start of a facial plastic surgeon’s career. Many choose to go on to additional trainings, and continuing education is required by law of all surgeons. A fellowship offers even more training and these are usually just as competitive, if not more so, than the residency.

There are a number of governing organizations and bodies a surgeon may gain acceptance to upon completing additional training. Considering these certifications can be one of many tools in determining which facial plastic surgeon is right for you. At the very minimum, make sure your surgeon is board certified. There are some cases of surgeons practicing who are not board-certified, so checking on this certification is a must on your checklist as you research providers.

Results You’ll Love

As you can see, it’s in your best interest to find a board-certified facial plastic surgeon because only these experts strictly work with facial procedures on a daily basis. Medicine is ultimately a practice, and the more practice your surgeon has the better the results. Researching the right plastic surgeon for you does take work, but you can make the process faster and easier by 1) only considering facial plastic surgeons and 2) making sure they are board-certified.

Dr. Roy specialized in facial plastic surgery because that is his passion and key area of interest. His patients benefit from his incredible training and skill. Your face is your first impression. It’s what makes you you and it’s also the first place to show signs of aging. Whether you’re thinking about a full facelift, brow lift, or eyelid lift to turn back the clock 12+ years, or you’re interested in a mini facelift to ward off the early signs of aging, working with the best surgeon guarantees the best results.

RefinedMD is also home to a variety of non-surgical treatments to help enhance and sustain surgical results such as chemical peels, injectables, and laser skin rejuvenation. Connect with RefinedMD and Dr. Roy today to schedule your consultation and get on the fast track to a look that you’ll love. Call the office today or connect via online chat.