Facial Plastic Surgery Expected to Increase Post-Pandemic: Here’s Why

Facial Plastic Surgery Expected to Increase Post-Pandemic: Here’s Why

Facial Plastic Surgery Expected to Increase Post-Pandemic: Here’s Why

At RefinedMD, Dr. Roy was already in high demand by patients interested in a facelift, eyelid lift, and rhinoplasty before the pandemic. Like many clinics, RefinedMD has temporarily closed for most in-person procedures in order to abide by best practices for the health and safety of patients and staff. COVID-19 continues to be a life-changing experience, and there’s one surprising factor that nobody saw coming: when self-isolation is completely over, some experts expect a surge in facial plastic surgery procedures. Why would sheltering in place, where you’re not seen by anyone except those you live with, cause such a stir?

According to a recent article in Vanity Fair, it’s because of all those videoconference meetings. Ordinarily, those of us in the more “established” generations don’t spend a lot of time gazing into the mirror. In fact, those who would greatly benefit from the confidence boost of facial plastic surgery often avoid mirrors until they get serious about seeing a reputable plastic surgeon. On the other end of the spectrum are younger millennials and Generation Zers who might spend countless hours taking just the right selfie and selecting the right filter. If they wanted to change their appearance, wouldn’t they have had ample time to reflect on this decision by now—or schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon?

The influx of video chats and meetings gives us no choice but to stare at our own face for hours each day. VF reporter Kenzie Bryant says, “Three months ago, I would have never guessed that would be possible. See more of myself … inconceivable. But in the past three weeks, I’ve been staring at my face even more frequently… we’ve long lived in a hall of mirrors, but now it’s mandatory.”

The Emerging “Face” of COVID

According to Bryant, “feeling bad about my neck (and undereye circles and those new and strange bits around my mouth) still takes up a small amount of headspace relative to more serious issues.” However, one can’t help but fixate on what we’d like to change or improve about our appearance when we’re not only staring at our face all day, but also comparing it to that of our colleagues. It’s also a reminder that our face is our first impression and how those in our life see us. If you’ve noticed a persistent double chin, under-eye circles, or have been reminded day after day that your nose could use a little reshaping, you’re not alone.

Bryant says she’s always experienced flutters of “disappointment” when she caught a glimpse of her face before the pandemic (or when trying to get angles just right for a selfie). However, that disappointment “does come and go with more frequency now that I am confronted with myself everywhere I look … I suspect the concern is a fraction of what people whose livelihood are tied to how they look regularly feel.” More and more people are depending on how they look for their livelihood. Simultaneously, there’s been a huge increase in people who have to have “face time” on a daily basis to keep or get a job.

The Reality of Facial Plastic Surgery

Undergoing any type of elective surgery is a big decision. Whether you’ve been thinking about a procedure for a long time or just realized you could benefit from cosmetic surgery during the lockdown, the first step is identifying a reputable, highly skilled facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Roy is renowned for his skill, art, and genuinely listening to each patient’s concerns and goals. One silver lining of self-isolation is that it gives potential patients time to consider their options and reflect on whether cosmetic surgery is the right choice for them. Such a procedure should never be impulsive or taken lightly.

Many people are wondering what plastic surgeons are doing during the peak of the pandemic, considering elective surgeries are not recommended, safe, or available. This varies surgeon to surgeon, but Dr. Roy has committed himself to treating traumas such as lacerations during these unprecedented times. It’s important to keep patients from going to the hospital or other areas where ill people are gathering en masse, and many injuries can be treated outside of hospital settings.

If COVID-19 has inspired you to take a more serious look at facial plastic surgery, you deserve to be treated by only the best. Dr. Roy at RefinedMD is a leading facial plastic surgeon and the best expert you could have taking care of you and your needs.