FDA Issues Warning Over At-Home “Filler Pens”

FDA Issues Warning Over At-Home “Filler Pens” | RefinedMD

FDA Issues Warning Over At-Home “Filler Pens”

We’ve covered the dangerous trend—driven by TikTok—of at-home dermal fillers using pens. Now the FDA has issued an official warning. RefinedMD is committed to helping you achieve your skin goals safely and effectively, and that means only working with reputable providers for dermal fillers and lip injections. We understand that convenience is desirable, which is a major factor behind the growing number of people trying DIY dermal fillers. It’s also why we are dedicated to making your time at RefinedMD “me time” that is full of pampering. If you want beautiful results, we’ve got you covered with a range of dermal filler options to get the look you want.

Unfortunately, influencers on TikTok and other social media platforms have been encouraging people to try lip fillers at home for months. These so-called dermal filler pens can be purchased legally without a prescription and work by forcing fillers into the body by sheer high-pressure force. No needles are required, which is another big selling point for those who are needle-shy.

However, remember that just because there are no needles doesn’t mean that it’s safer or more comfortable. In fact, many have gone on record saying that these pressurized at-home kits are much more uncomfortable and even painful than the dermal fillers you get in-office. That’s why the FDA has not approved them for cosmetic purposes and has recently released the following statement: “The FDA’s priority is protecting patients who may not be aware of the serious adverse events that have been reported in connection with their use, such as permanent damage to the skin, lips, and eyes.”

The Reality of At-Home Fillers

The technology behind these pens was actually intended to help diabetics—not those looking for fuller lips or an Ariana Grande-esque jawline. Now, some people are buying empty pens and filling them with various products purchased separately. There is no FDA-approved pen that comes with a dermal filler included because that is not their intended use. The FDA’s statement says it is “warning the public and health care professionals not to use needle-free devices such as hyaluron pens for injection or hyaluronic acid or other lip and facial fillers … these unapproved needle-free devices and fillers are often sold directly to customers online, bypassing consultation with a licensed health care provider, a critical safety measure for patients to make informed decisions about their personal health.”

There have been so many instances of botched at-home jobs, sometimes leading to permanent damage, that the FDA is now monitoring social media platforms to catch sellers of these pens. Some of the more minor side effects include skin bruising and swelling, but there have also been instances of permanent skin and even lip loss after using these pens. These results occur for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that there’s no expert administering the procedure. Plus, these pens are not meant to offer the precision necessary for optimal dermal filler results. When pressure is used to force a material into the skin, the product is going to seek out the place of least resistance. This leads to (at best) unsightly bumps and asymmetry.

There’s also the reality that proper sterile cleansing often doesn’t occur at home. Some people are sharing devices or using the same device over and over on themselves without cleaning it in between treatments. Sharing such devices can lead to blood-borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis. Seeing that there is a possibility of horrifying results that are sometimes irreversible, there’s simply no reason to take such risks.

Get Filler Results You’ll Love

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