Feminine Rejuvenation Can Change Your Life

Feminine Rejuvenation Changes Lives | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Feminine Rejuvenation Can Change Your Life

What is feminine rejuvenation? It’s a non-invasive procedure at RefinedMD that includes a wide range of treatments to address all of your feminine reconstruction and repair needs. One of the most common problems for women, particularly those who are postpartum, is urinary incontinence. Feminine rejuvenation can reduce and even eliminate incontinence so that you can regain confidence and self-esteem. There’s only so much that pelvic floor exercises can do, and with every childbirth it’s normal for incontinence to become more severe. However, you don’t need to wait until you’re finished having biological children to enjoy the benefits of feminine rejuvenation—treatments are fast with no discomfort, so you can opt for a treatment at any time.

Urinary incontinence is just one common complaint for many women. Dryness is another issue that becomes common with age. A change in hormones can lead to a dry vaginal area, and you might find yourself using lubrication much more than you used to. While lubrication can be a fantastic tool for any woman, nothing compares to the natural lubrication you can reclaim with vaginal rejuvenation. Enjoy more fulfilling intimate relationships after treatment.

Loss of sensation can also happen to any woman of any age (particularly when it’s coupled with dryness). Feminine rejuvenation helps restore sensation along the vaginal walls to help maximize your sex life. Sensitivity is a key part of intimate relationships, but it often dulls as we get older. Fortunately, it can quickly be restored so you can optimize your relationships and self-care.

The Benefits of Feminine Rejuvenation

Painful intercourse becomes more common with age, particularly if lack of lubrication is an issue. You might have also noticed this after childbirth. When you don’t enjoy intercourse, your personal relationships and confidence can suffer. With feminine rejuvenation, you can bring back pleasurable intercourse while increasing your self-esteem.

Finally, a lot of women struggle with diminished desire. Of course, stress and increasingly busy lives might be partially to blame, but it’s also difficult to enjoy your sex life when you no longer desire it like you used to. Feminine rejuvenation has the capability to bring back your sex drive by making sure sex is as enjoyable as it should be.

All feminine rejuvenation treatments are based on systems that use high energy electromagnetic forces, fractionated CO2 lasers, or radiofrequency. The exact treatment is based on your symptoms and concerns.

Your Feminine Rejuvenation Options

EMSELLA is a BTL System that uses high-energy electromagnetic forces to hyperstimulate the pelvic floor muscles. It’s the precursor to Emsculpt (which helps tone other muscles for aesthetic reasons). If you’ve noticed incontinence when laughing, sneezing, or even in yoga, Emsella might be for you. In just 30 minutes, you can enjoy a full treatment—and you get to stay clothed the entire time. Six treatments are usually recommended over three weeks. Even men can benefit from Emsella, especially for those struggling with urinary or fecal incontinence after prostate surgery or due to age.

THERMIVA and FEMME 360 use radiofrequency, and ThermiVa was the very first treatment available—and it’s still in high demand. Radiofrequency works with soft, effective warming of deep and superficial tissues to increase blood flow while tightening tissues. Deep thermal tightening helps with urinary incontinence while blood flow increases sensation.

FEMILIFT utilizes ablative fractional lasers to improve vaginal and deep tissue. Tiny areas of deep dermal injury are created in the vaginal wall (don’t worry, it’s pain-free) which heals to a thicker, more youthful wall. FemiLift helps with incontinence, drying, and even spotting post-intercourse. Some patients combine FemiLift with radiofrequency for optimal results.

V-FIT is a take-home device to sustain and maximize in-office results. Using heat, vibration, and red-light therapy, this device helps you make the most of your treatment—or can be used by itself for women who aren’t quite ready for in-office treatments.

Start treating your incontinence, dryness, lack of sensation, and painful intercourse today. There are options available, and a customized treatment plan is the best approach to getting back the best parts of your life. To learn more, call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 to schedule your consultation today.