Feminine Rejuvenation for Self-Love this Spring

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Feminine Rejuvenation for Self-Love this Spring

Feminine rejuvenation treats both the skin and a number of issues related to age or being postpartum. RefinedMD only offers the most effective and safest solutions to a wide range of skin concerns. From medical conditions to a natural lack of lubrication due to age, there are a wide range of complaints that many women don’t discuss with their general physicians. This is unfortunate since there are solutions like feminine rejuvenation that can dramatically increase a woman’s quality of life.

Treating the skin can and should also treat the symptoms. Feminine rejuvenation is a field that’s growing quickly, and with good reason. Changes in hormones, certain medications, and a myriad of other factors can also affect the skin in and around the genital area. Feminine rejuvenation can tighten muscles that are overstretched from giving birth (or simply because of genetics). With increased vaginal muscle tone, urinary incontinence can be addressed and sex lives can be improved.

Poor laxity in the skin can also lead to decreased self-confidence. From disliking the look of changing genitals to wanting to reignite an intimate relationship, a woman’s skin can play a big role. Skin naturally loses tone and collagen with age everywhere in the body. It’s what causes thin, loose skin in the face and neck, too. Naturally, skin that is thinner ages faster. Thin skin is often attributed to the neck and backs of the hands (major areas for early aging), but don’t forget about the vaginal area. Much of the skin in this area is thin as well.

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Feminine rejuvenation isn’t just for aesthetics, although that can be a component of it. After all, being happy with aesthetics is linked to self-confidence and self-esteem. However, there is much more to feminine rejuvenation than cosmetic improvements. By treating this vital skin, feminine rejuvenation can also address a range of complaints. Would you like to learn more? Call RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082.