Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

A skilled, professional plastic surgeon in can make all the difference in your cosmetic surgery journey. At RefinedMD, we specializes in giving patients great results and a compassionate experience from consultation to after-care appointments. Whether you’re interested a facelift, eyelid lift, brow lift, or other cosmetic procedure, feeling heard and being an active collaborator in the experience is a big part of having a positive experience.

Choosing a plastic surgeon often starts with getting a sneak peek of what to expect, which is often found in their before and after gallery. This gallery can be tremendously helpful in giving you a sense of how you will look. You might find someone with a facial profile a lot like yours and get a preview of your own final results.

A reputable plastic surgeon will also have a generous amount of reviews and testimonies. During a consultation, they will be happy to spend time with patients talking about the procedure(s) and what to expect. A good surgeon and team will act as a client’s teammate and collaborator.

Preparing for Surgery

Undergoing any surgery can be overwhelming. Having questions and concerns is normal, and a good plastic surgeon will expect these. Ensuring a zero-pressure environment with empathy, kindness, understanding, and professionalism is key to making sure every patient has a positive experience.

In and around this region, you might find a large amount of plastic surgeons when you begin your search. How do you know which one to choose? Trusting your instinct is important, and that starts with the credibility and past results of the surgeon and his team. During a consultation, clients can gauge whether they feel heard and if the surgeon takes the time to explain procedures and what to expect.

Surgery: The Basics

At the bare minimum, a cosmetic surgeon should be board-certified (with at least one certification if not more). This sounds obvious, but did you know that in the U.S. an MD can legally practice plastic surgery without certification—and even without specialized training in the surgery they are performing? Your local GP could decide to open up a plastic surgery clinic, which happens more often than you think because in the world of medicine cosmetic surgery brings in more profits than a GP clinic. This alone should be enough to have you double checking the credentials of anyone you are considering trusting with your life and results.

A great plastic surgeon is committed to upholding those certifications, which requires a minimum number of continuing education credits. They are up to date on the latest research and techniques for “their” procedures. Speaking of, you don’t want a Jack or Jill of all trades when it comes to surgery. Just because a surgeon can legally perform a facelift doesn’t mean they should—especially if their background is mostly in a totally different procedure, such as breast implants. Ideally, a surgeon is going to focus on a handful of surgeries, typically located in the same region. At RefinedMD, we strictly offer facelifts, brow lifts, eye lifts, and liposuction.

The Surgery You Want

There will come a time when non-invasive procedures are no longer pulling their weight. At this time, these treatments will move into a support role and can complement cosmetic surgery. There is no definitive age for this to happen and, increasingly, younger and younger patients are seeking out plastic surgery. This isn’t due to vanity, but rather to a shift in thinking as well as a change in procedures. For instance, why wait until you’re 60 and seriously sagging to get a full facelift? At the age of 43, many people opt for a mini facelift which is more subtle, less invasive, requires less downtime, and can stave off the need for a full facelift for quite a few years.

Ultimately, choosing a plastic surgeon is half instinct and half research. You deserve only the best when you’re thinking about this kind of procedure, but we’ve made it easy for you. Get the best on your side by connecting with RefinedMD today. Call the office during business hours or complete the online form for a consultation request.