Is Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Me?

Is Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Me? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Is Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Me?

You’ve heard about laser therapy to treat a variety of skin concerns, but after some research, you’ve probably discovered that there are dozens of lasers. RefinedMD specializes in laser skin resurfacing, and the ideal type of laser for many patients offers fractional resurfacing. A fractional laser is non-invasive and delivers a beam that’s split up into thousands of tiny treatment zones. Fractional lasers can target smaller areas of the skin.

Think of fractional lasers like pixels in a photograph. A professional photographer can manipulate a photograph pixel by pixel much easier than using the same filter for an entire photograph. Fractional lasers sit somewhere in between ablative and non-ablative lasers, which were the only options for years. Ablative lasers treat the surface of the skin, while non-ablative lasers exclusively treat the dermal collagen or middle layer of skin. Only a fractional laser can work at both the surface and middle layers for optimal results.

At RefinedMD, between 20 and 30 lasers are available at any given time to offer personalized results. New lasers are always being tested and accrued, giving clients the best possible outcomes. Fractional lasers are fantastic for treating lines, wrinkles, sun damage, many types of scarring, and hyperpigmentation. They help the skin look younger and healthier.

Like ablative lasers, fractional lasers can be used almost anywhere on the body, however, they are most effective on the face, neck, chest, and hands. Patients with all types of skin and melanin levels can benefit from fractional lasers, but the application techniques will vary. That’s why it’s critical to only trust a clinic that specializes in fractional laser resurfacing.

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Treatments are fast and relatively comfortable. It can take up to a few weeks for full results to become visible, so if you’re planning ahead for a special event, you’ll want to book your laser skin resurfacing treatment now. Connect with RefinedMD to learn more about fractional laser skin resurfacing and give yourself the gift of gorgeous skin.