My Friend Got Laser Skin Resurfacing And…

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My Friend Got Laser Skin Resurfacing And…

There are dozens of lasers on the market, all designed differently and for different purposes. RefinedMD carries between 20 – 30 lasers at any given time, always adopting the latest technology after thoroughly testing and researching the results. This means our patients have the latest and greatest lasers at their fingertips, always administered by highly-skilled professionals. Lasers can do just about anything including tightening, smoothing, and repairing damaged skin. Whether you want to reduce lines and wrinkles, banish acne scars and hyperpigmentation, or get skin that’s dewier and tauter, there’s a laser that can make it happen.

However, a lot of people have friends who have had laser treatments before. No matter what their results may be, there’s no telling exactly which laser was used or the skill of the person administering it. Plus, the number of recommended treatments will vary based on the laser, the client’s goals, and the state of their skin. Average treatments are between three and five per area, but this is just an average.

If you’re thinking about laser skin resurfacing, it’s critical to book a consultation so that you can talk to an expert about what you want to achieve and go over the laser options. What worked for your friend might not be the best choice for you. Word of mouth can be a great source of information, but also a deep well of misinformation. Your skin and body are uniquely yours, and they deserve a customized approach.

Laser skin resurfacing should always take place at a dermatology clinic where the best technology, techniques, and experts are on your side. RefinedMD offers such a wide variety of lasers because we know that everyone is different. If you don’t have the luxury of having every top laser available, how can you expect to get the best results possible? Variety is just one aspect of great laser treatment, but an important one.

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