Want to Gain Muscle but an Injury Prevents It? Try Emsculpt

Gain Muscle and Prevent Injury with EmSculpt | RefinedMD

Want to Gain Muscle but an Injury Prevents It? Try Emsculpt

“Toning” is really the reduction of fat with the simultaneous increase in key muscles. At RefinedMD, only the best and most effective technologies are utilized, and that includes the latest Emsculpt technique. It mimics strength training by forcing 2,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes. Designed specifically for the abs and glutes, Emsculpt is the equivalent of 2,000 crunches, sets of lunges, or squats without having to do anything.

How Emsculpt Works

The contraction and release of a muscle are what causes muscle growth whether it’s from a free weight, Smith machine, or Emsculpt. The body doesn’t know the difference. This causes minor tearing, which leads to the rebuilding of muscle, and ultimately making the muscle bigger as a result. However, both the contractions and the tiny tears can cause soreness. It is common to feel sore after an Emsculpt session just like after a great workout.

There are a number of downsides to strength training for muscle growth and toning. One is simply lack of time. Few people have the time to dedicate to a strength training regimen four days per week. Another downside to training in the gym is that “helper muscles” can get in the way. For example, some women want a shapelier backside, but it’s impossible to increase glute size without also increasing thigh and calf size. The legs will always help the glutes in traditional strength training, but Emsculpt can isolate just the glutes.

The third downside to relying on strength training for muscle building is injuries. If you have a chronic condition or are prone to injuries with certain strength training movements, you may feel like you’ve reached an impasse. However, Emsculpt lets you reap all the benefits of strength training abs and glutes with no risk of gym injury.

Emsculpt Consultation at RefinedMD in Los Gatos

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