Facelift Patient 48

Facelift Patient 48

This 54-year-old female presented with concerns related to aging changes in the lower face and neck. She was bothered by the lack of definition along her jawline and the fullness under her chin. Of note, the patient had undergone previous cervical spine fusion and thyroid surgeries, resulting in some hypertrophic scarring in the neck and limited ability to extend the neck.


Given her history, she was a little apprehensive of any surgeries that may involve the neck. The patient decided to speak with double board certified Dr. Sudeep Roy due to his specialization in facial plastic surgery. After a thorough evaluation and discussion of her options with Dr. Roy, she was found to be a good candidate for surgery. She decided to move forward and trust her face and neck to Dr. Roy.


The patient underwent a lower facelift with Dr. Roy’s high-SMAS deep-plane facelift approach, which also included a neck lift. The results speak for themselves! We were able to transport her back in time and give her back the jawline and neck contour she previously knew and loved, while keeping her safe and avoiding any complications.