Neck Lift Patient 1

Neck Lift Patient 1

This 43-year-old female came to see Dr. Sudeep Roy to get rid of her double chin that has plagued her for as long as she could remember. Having great facial structure and neck architecture, she wanted to highlight the good, not the “not good”. She was also very self-conscious about her weak chin for which she previously augmented with filler time and time again.


Dr. Roy recommended submentoplasty neck lift (deep fat reduction and muscle contouring) and silicone chin implant placement, as well as Renuvion cool helium plasma subdermal skin tightening to make sure skin laxity did not lag behind all the other changes made on the inside! Her outcome was fantastic and just brought out her beautiful features instead of distracting from them. Thrilled about these natural and elegant results!


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