Get Right and Tight WITHOUT Cellulite! We Have the Treatments for It

Get Right and Tight WITHOUT Cellulite! We Have the Treatments for It

Get Right and Tight WITHOUT Cellulite! We Have the Treatments for It

For years, cellulite was just something everyone had to accept—especially women, with over 90 percent struggling with cellulite at some point in their lives. At RefinedMD we offer two options that REALLY tackle cellulite: Qwo and Emtone. Unlike so-called treatments for cellulite that simply hydrate the skin to make it appear a little smoother, these treatments tackle cellulite at a level that really works. Qwo in particular is phenomenal when it comes to undoing the fibrous bands that cause cellulite and is currently approved for treatment of the buttocks of women. In other words, Qwo takes on the most common site of cellulite for the most common demographic!

If you’ve heard that cellulite can’t actually be treated, that’s old news. We know exactly what causes cellulite: fibrous bands located right below the skin’s surface that create a web that over time lets fat “squeeze” through to create the unwanted aesthetic. The result is a cottage cheese appearance that nobody likes—and, worse, anyone can get it! Women are much more prone to cellulite than men, and it happens to those of every size. Being a healthy weight can make you a little less likely to have cellulite, but we’ve all seen photos of gorgeous, slender celebs caught with cellulite at the beach. So, how can we undo this beach bummer? Let’s take a look.

Qwo for the Whoa!

Qwo is the first FDA-approved injectable for treating cellulite in women’s buttocks. Relatively new to the market, it’s already earned a bevy of loyal fans. It’s pretty simple: it’s an injection that makes the fibrous bands that cause cellulite release for smoother, younger-looking skin. It’s not a permanent solution because there is no forever solution for cellulite removal, but results can last for several months and clients can get additional injections in the future. Results are also not immediate because it does take a little time to get those bands to release! However, you’ll see results in a few weeks and if you schedule your initial Qwo session now you’ll definitely be able to show off smoother skin before the end of summer break.

Emtone Combo With Qwo For Double Whoa

Emtone is a little bit different. It’s more of a skin tightening treatment rather than strictly a cellulite treatment. Emtone works by using a combination of targeted pressure energy and radiofrequency (RF) energy to cause a vibration that disrupts those stubborn fibrous bands and fat deposits. Ultimately, some people think they “just” have cellulite when in reality they have a little cellulite along with a lot of skin laxity. When this is the case, Emtone (or a combination of Qwo and Emtone!) might be a better solution. Plus, Emtone can be used in areas beyond the buttocks and is suitable for men and women alike. 

Putting the “Lite” in Cellulite

Whether you’re a better candidate for Qwo or Emtone (or both!), each of these treatments are gentle and require no downtime. Emtone is completely non-invasive, and since Qwo is an injectable, it is considered minimally invasive. There might be some bruising, redness, and swelling after your treatment, but clients typically get right back to their usual day after their treatment. In other words, both treatments are designed to fit into your busy schedule and allow you to enjoy watching the results reveal themselves in the days and weeks following your appointment.

There are, of course, some other cellulite treatments on the market but at RefinedMD we are committed to only offering the best and safest options. You already know that topical treatments like creams don’t actually work—but we’re all about encouraging customized skin care regimens using medical-grade products! Keeping skin hydrated is key to its health, and that include in areas with cellulite. We can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind skin care plan to make your Qwo and Emtone results look even better.

However, we aren’t huge fans of surgery as a cellulite solution. There is a treatment in which those individual bands are severed with a scalpel, which is of course rather invasive and requires downtime. It’s also a rather long procedure, particularly for those with a lot of cellulite. This approach is also not permanent as the bands will naturally reform over time. In short, when it comes to surgical intervention, we like to reserve those treatments for when you really need it—and Qwo makes surgery for cellulite unnecessary in most cases.

Ready to say goodbye to cellulite this summer? Contact RefinedMD today to learn more about Qwo and Emtone by calling the office or simply complete the online form!