Get “Smart” About Hair Restoration

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Get “Smart” About Hair Restoration

Have you heard about SmartGraft for hair restoration? It has quickly become a staple at RefinedMD because it offers all of the benefits of a traditional hair transplant with none of the risk, downtime, or shaved heads. Traditionally, hair transplants are known to be very effective, but they are also very expensive and potentially risky.

Classic hair transplants require a relatively large section of the scalp to be removed and transplanted to an area of the scalp where hair is needed. The back of the head near the neck is where hair is thick on most people. Of course, this works very well with little risk of the scalp and hair being rejected in the new location. However, it’s also a surgery that requires months of healing. Classic hair transplants also often require head shaving, which many women are not comfortable with.

SmartGraft is different. This procedure utilizes the idea of the hair transplant, but on a micro level. Instead of taking swatches of the scalp with hair, hair follicles are transplanted one at a time. Due to the tiny amounts of transplants, the client is fully awake and there are no surgical risks. One by one, follicles are transplanted from areas of the scalp where hair is lush to areas where it is needed.

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Plus, clients can see the progress as it unfolds. They can collaborate with their technician to customize fullness and even change hairlines. SmartGraft does take time, as transplants take place follicle by follicle, but the procedure itself is pain-free. Clients can continue to manage the fullness of their hair and hairlines throughout their life. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including age, stress, and genetics. That doesn’t mean you have to live with those circumstances. Connect with RefinedMD and learn more about SmartGraft.