Wish a Hair Transplant Was Easier? Meet SmartGraft

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Wish a Hair Transplant Was Easier? Meet SmartGraft

There’s no denying that a hair transplant is the fastest, most effective treatment to instantly fix thinning hair or a balding scalp. However, at RefinedMD, we specialize in minimally invasive procedures that are also effective and affordable—like SmartGraft. SmartGraft takes the idea of hair transplantation and makes it possible at a micro level. It’s basically a hair transplant on such a tiny scale that there are no surgeries and minimal recovery time.

Hair transplants work by taking patches of the scalp where you have thick hair (usually close to the neck) and transplanting these patches to where it’s needed most. Usually, people suffer from thinning hair at the temples, top of the head, and crown. Transplanting patches of scalp that are lush with hair definitely works. However, this requires a serious surgery, and the hair almost always has to be buzzed. For patients, particularly women, a shaved head isn’t their idea of great results. It can take years to regrow hair to the desired length.

SmartGraft is the same process, but instead, follicles are transplanted one at a time. Follicles are so small that it’s almost not a surgery. Of course, the process takes a little longer than a hair transplant. However, clients are comfortable and awake during the entire process, so they can watch the results unfold and have ongoing input in hairline creation and thickness.

Not everyone is the right candidate for SmartGraft (or hair transplants for that matter). You do need enough hair to be able to graft it into another area. That’s why tackling hair loss as soon as you notice it is so important. Since the grafted sections are naturally thick, it is unlikely that you will go on to lose that hair in the future. It is very rare that any person goes completely bald in life, unless their hair loss is due to a condition besides normal hair thinning.

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