Finally! Hair Transplants for Those with Long Hair (and Want to Keep It)

Finally! Hair Transplants for Those with Long Hair | RefinedMD

Finally! Hair Transplants for Those with Long Hair (and Want to Keep It)

When’s the last time you saw an advertisement for hair transplants? The procedure isn’t as well advertised as some other aesthetic treatments, such as Botox or dermal fillers, but it’s a very popular procedure at RefinedMD and Dr. Sudeep Roy, and many advances have been made in recent years. Today’s hair transplants are nothing like those back in the day where invasive surgeries, shaving the head, and serious scarring were the norm. Technology has taken us to a point where hair transplants are so minimally invasive that clients are able to stay awake during the entire procedure to watch the process and help customize results—and there’s no reason to shave your head.

Hair transplants in San Jose use the follicular unit extraction (FUE) approach. There are two techniques that can be used with FUE, including SmartGraft and NeoGraft. FUE works by transplanting one follicle at a time, so there’s no need to remove large patches of skin (and hair follicles). This means there’s virtually no downtime and scars are so tiny they’re nearly invisible to the naked eye. Clearly, there are major benefits for FUE for anyone, but it’s made hair transplants especially accessible to those with long hair and want to keep their length.

The FUE Difference in San Jose

If you’re wondering if transplanting one follicle at a time can take longer than a traditional hair transplant, it does. However, there are ways to speed up the process. SmartGraft is an automated version of FUE, and a machine simply works faster than a human. Still, there are also benefits to NeoGraft, which is a manual approach to FUE. Some clients simply prefer the personalized touch of a manual transplant. Usually, those who want or need to transplant a lot of hair follicles opt for SmartGraft, while those who are transplanting fewer follicles prefer NeoGraft. It’s completely up to you and something to discuss with your San Jose hair transplant professional during your consultation.

FUE is different because you can immediately get back to your daily life. There’s no major surgery, no incisions, and no need to shave large areas of the head. FUE does work similarly to traditional hair transplants, however, because hair is harvested from thicker patches on the body. This usually includes the back of the head close to the neck, but in cases where there isn’t enough hair to transplant on the head other areas can be used (such as the chest for men). Keep in mind that if hair is harvested in an area besides the head, only short hair will be able to grow at the transplanted site. After all, you can’t take chest hair and expect to grow long, luscious locks with it—but this is often suitable for many men.

Long Hair Love: Hair Transplants that Work for Your Style

Hair loss and hair thinning can be devastating to anyone, and women in particular. Many women suffer from losing their hair especially as they get older. Women have avoided hair transplants for years because they didn’t want to shave their head and wait years for their long locks to grow back. FUE bypasses this issue because you don’t have to shave your head. Do keep in mind, though, that the transplanted hair will have to naturally fall out and follow its natural cycle of growth and stagnation. FUE isn’t an immediate “fix.” Your hair will look fuller and thicker right after FUE, but those hairs will soon fall out and be replaced by new growth. If you notice hair falling out after FUE, don’t worry! This is all part of the process, and your new, permanent hair is working on coming in.

Women and others with long hair can still benefit greatly from FUE because the majority of their head can remain as it is. With no visible scarring, there’s no need to worry about hiding your head while wounds heal. FUE allows patients to keep their confidence and preferred look even while working with an expert to achieve thicker, fuller hair and a more concrete hairline. FUE is also completely personalized, and many patients opt to watch the process as it happens. This isn’t only a fascinating process to watch, but patients can also collaborate with their doctor to finalize hair lines and exact levels of fullness.

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