Hair Transplants Slated to Be Huge Revenue Generator by 2023

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Hair Transplants Slated to Be Huge Revenue Generator by 2023

We’ve come a long way since the days of painful, invasive “hair transplants” that required transplantation of large areas of the scalp. RefinedMD offers both NeoGraft and SmartGraft hair transplantation, which transplants individual follicles for minimal downtime and natural-looking results. It’s no wonder hair transplants are expected to be huge “revenue generator” in just a few years—it’s a natural-looking solution for both men and women who are losing their hair.

The New Way to Transplant Hair

According to a report by Market Research Future, the hair transplantation market is expected to grow 24 percent in three years. However, it’s not only the accessibility to cutting-edge technologies like NeoGraft and SmartGraft that are making the industry thrive. Thanks to highly competitive job markets, the importance of online personal branding, and social media platforms, we are more aware of our looks than ever before (and this particularly includes men).

Numerous studies have shown that looking better leads to feeling better, more confidence, and more success in every facet of your life. Hair transplantation as an overall process is nothing new. You may even know someone who had an “old school” hair transplant (and the scars to prove it). Previously, hair transplants were very invasive, often requiring the patient to shave their entire head. Weeks of healing and re-growing hair was a process a lot of people who wanted their hair back just weren’t willing to undergo.

Forget hiding under hats or opting for wigs on a daily basis. What everyone wants is their real, natural hair back. Both NeoGraft and SmartGraft are pain-free, but the patient is alert during the entire procedure. You work with the hair transplantation experts to customize thickness and even your hairline. Hair transplantation can even be used on eyebrows as an alternative to microblading!

Restore Your Full Head of Hair

Nothing compares to your real hair, and with the latest hair transplantation advances, you can get yours back. To schedule a consultation for NeoGraft or SmartGraft, connect with RefinedMD today.