Halo Laser vs. IPL and BBL: Are Lasers or Light Better?

Halo Laser vs. IPL and BBL: Are Lasers or Light Better? | RefinedMD

Halo Laser vs. IPL and BBL: Are Lasers or Light Better?

When it comes to rejuvenating your skin and treating a wide range of issues, RefinedMD gives clients like you choices because no two complexions are the same. Three of the top treatments include Halo laser rejuvenation, intense-pulsed light (IPL), and broadband light (BBL) therapy, but which is right for you? As you can tell from the names, Halo uses a laser while IPL and BBL use light, but is one better than the other? It all depends on you, your skin, and your goals.

There are many types of lasers on the market that can help with sun damage, scars, signs of aging, and much more. Lasers go deeper than light treatments and Halo is the premier laser therapy. Light therapy treatments including IPL and BBL are more of a resurfacing treatment, helping to decrease surface-level issues. Light therapy also comes with less downtime, making it a popular pick for those who don’t have time for a recovery period.

How Laser Treatments and Light Therapies Affect the Skin

Light wavelengths come in a wide spectrum. You’ve likely had some type of light treatment in the past, considering that x-rays are part of this spectrum. Even the sun’s UV rays operate at their own wavelength. However, UV rays change your DNA and cause severe damage (which is what leads to concerns like skin cancer). The sun’s UVA and UVC rays are responsible for premature aging, cancer, and many other unwanted results. However, the “right” wavelengths found in infrared and LED lights can actually help the skin by getting rid of impurities. This means that IPL and BBL can be used to reverse damage done by the sun’s rays.

Then there’s the Halo laser. It works as a hybrid, combining two types of wavelengths for optimal results. One laser addresses the surface level of the skin while another goes deeper to stimulate your body’s own collagen production. Halo is the most precise laser treatment available and it’s customizable so you can perfectly address your skin concerns. Halo is the very first hybrid fractional laser available and “breaks” the laser beam into several smaller beams to decrease skin damage and minimize healing time. Just one Halo treatment leads to a big reduction in lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, poor tone and skin texture, and brown spots.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Halo, IPL, and BBL?

Halo clients are usually looking for a treatment that’s 100 percent personalized with big results and minimal downtime. Some clients want a “one and done” approach and make sure they have up to three days of downtime for a more aggressive treatment. Others prefer virtually no downtime and have their Halo treatments be on the gentler side and spaced out over several weeks.

As for BBL, it works much the same as IPL but the difference is in the name. IPL uses a single, focused beam of light (intense) while BBL uses multiple light wavelengths (broadband). IPL is better suited for precisely treating a very targeted area while BBL is often better for treating a broader skin range. IPL and BBL can help with freckles, rosacea, enlarged pores, and are even popular picks for hair removal.

Schedule Your Halo, BBL, or IPL Treatment Today

If you’re still not sure which laser or light treatment is right for you, there’s one way to find out—schedule your complimentary consultation today. We’ll work with you to determine your goals, your lifestyle (including how much, if any, downtime is reasonable), and design a laser or light therapy rejuvenation plan for you. It’s understandable that many of our clients are busy, which is why we offer regimens that have virtually no downtime but stunning results. And if you can spare a day or two to recover? Get ready for fast and flawless results with just one treatment.

The skin is the biggest organ you have, and it undergoes trauma on a daily basis. Taking care of it has never been easier with laser and light therapies that can be customized to your skin and your goals. Find out more today when you schedule a consultation with RefinedMD. Contact our office at (408) 688-2082 and get one step closer to the skin you deserve.