Halo Rated Well Worth It by Reviewers

Halo Rated Well Worth It by Reviewers | RefinedMD, San Jose

Halo Rated Well Worth It by Reviewers

Halo is the ultimate anti-aging treatment for scars, fine lines, large pores, and sun damage. RefinedMD only offers the absolute best treatments guaranteed to give fast, lasting results. And Halo is a customizable treatment with results that can last for years when clients complete their full series of treatments. Couple it with a new or invigorated sunscreen regimen and you’ll enjoy youthful, glowing skin for many years.

How Does Halo Work?

Halo works by removing the uppermost layers of skin to reveal better, younger-looking skin below the surface. With each Halo treatment, the results get even better—but clients notice remarkable results after just the first treatment. Unlike other, harsher treatments, Halo is relatively gentle. Safe and effective, it gives you that sun-kissed glow you’re after.

Still not convinced? Look to unbiased third-party review sites to discover just how remarkable Halo is. RealSelf is one of the most popular sites for all beauty treatments, and reviewers give Halo glowing reviews. If you’re looking for a fractional laser that utilizes a hybrid approach of multiple wavelengths, Halo fits the bill. The simple handpiece is rolled across the skin while one laser addresses the top layer of skin and another delves into deeper layers.

Halo is rated as “worth it” on RealSelf, with one reviewer saying it’s the best thing she did for her skin all year. Since Halo can tackle multiple skin issues in each treatment session, there’s no need to pay for multiple procedures or products. Another reviewer remarked that she was growing a “melasma mustache” as freckles and dark spots continued to gather on her upper lip. However, after Halo treatments, she was hyperpigmentation- and freckle-free in all the right places.

Halo Consultation at RefinedMD

Get “aggressive” results without the down time linked to other, harsher treatments. Everyone suffers from skin damage and lax skin with age. Pores can get clogged and “stretch” over time, but there are ways to turn back the clock. Contact RefinedMD and schedule your Halo consultation today.