Have You Booked Your 2023 Derm Appointment?

Have You Booked Your 2023 Derm Appointment? | RefinedMD

Have You Booked Your 2023 Derm Appointment?

You should see a dermatologist every year—with over 3,000 unique skin conditions, it’s a sure thing that you have at least a few issues that require professional intervention. Oftentimes, aesthetic and medical skin issues overlap. That’s why we have unique divisions at RefinedMD, including skin care experts who can identify, diagnose, and treat everything from acne and acne scars to dark spots (including melasma) and unwanted moles. It takes a multi-prong approach when it comes to caring for the biggest organ that you have, and we have all of the tools and treatments you need.

Some of the best treatments for the most common skin conditions include microneedling, laser treatments, and medical-grade topical medications. Microneedling is over 125 years old (though of course the technology has vastly improved during that time!). It is the original form of collagen induction therapy and works by creating thousands of tiny micro-channels in the skin. Also known as micro-traumas, they are invisible to the naked eye and heal very quickly. However, they also “tell” your body to start producing more collagen at the site, and pronto. But did you know there’s another benefit to those micro-channels created by microneedling? This is where facials and topicals can really make a difference.

The Magic of Medical-Grade

We offer in-office facials, including DiamondGlow, that end with infusion of the skin with hand-selected medical-grade topicals ranging from moisturizers to sunscreens and serums. Every DiamondGlow facial is one of a kind because both the genuine crushed-diamond tip and topicals are hand-picked by your provider the day of your appointment. The micro-channels from microneedling temporarily “open” skin up, allowing topicals to go deeper and work harder. Ending a microneedling session with a facial or simply making sure you apply medical-grade products right after your treatment can help speed up healing and optimize the results.

Bear in mind that results from microneedling are not immediate. You may notice some pinkness right after your treatment, but it is not severe enough to stop most people from going about their day. This is collagen induction therapy, and collagen takes time to be created by the body. Instead, most people opt for either a series of microneedling sessions or monthly treatments. Monthly is often the best way to get and keep the results that you want.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

We have one of the largest suites of lasers in the region, including lasers to treat all skin tones and types—including individuals with more melanin. The type of laser that is best for you is going to depend on your skin type and goals. One of the most popular is broadband light therapy (BBL), which is the second generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. It can treat over one dozen of the most common skin conditions. One of the best parts of BBL is how it works to lighten or remove unwanted dark spots, like moles. They darken in the first few days after the treatment, then slough away like coffee grounds.

Lasers can also be used for laser hair reduction. If you want to really get swimsuit-ready this year, lasers can help you minimize shaving and waxing or even stop it entirely. However, laser hair reduction does require some prep work (mostly stopping waxing and any other hair removal that pulls hair out from the follicle). You’re just in time to start any laser treatment before the full onset of summer—once summer is in full swing, it can be a challenge to avoid sunlight, which is essential for good laser-treatment healing.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Don’t wait until the end of the year to schedule your dermatology appointment. Spring is a great time to tick off this task because we can gauge where your skin is at before summer UV damage does its worst. Plus, while you’re in-office, you can also reassess and upgrade your medical-grade skin care products. Check the expiration date of your sunscreen and ditch it if it’s “gone bad.” You deserve the best in skin care and protection, and that means products that are fresh and full strength.

Everyone needs annual derm care. Even if you never burn, have darker skin, or no history of skin issues, this yearly check is a preventative measure. Get in touch with RefinedMD today by giving us a call or filling out the online contact form.