Holiday Prep Tips At RefinedMD

Holiday Prep Tips At RefinedMD | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Holiday Prep Tips At RefinedMD

Holiday looks already? Yes, because some of the best procedures take a few weeks for the full effect to be apparent! RefinedMD has all of the procedures and treatments you need to make your holiday aesthetic the best ever. Botox is an absolute must, but can take up to one week for results to start to show. You can use Botox to stop lines and wrinkles in their tracks, achieve a subtle brow lift, or even get a lip flip.

If you have a thin upper lip and/or a gummy smile, a lip flip from an expert injector can “flip” out more of the lip to show a little extra vermillion. This reduces gumminess and gives the appearance of a fuller upper lip without needing to use a filler. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with lip fillers—they’ve been one of the most popular procedures for years! However, lip fillers increase lip volume with hyaluronic acid (HA), rather than flipping the lip out. Lip flips are only for the upper lip, whereas lip fillers can be used on both lips.

Dermal Fillers all the Way

Lips have long been one of the most-requested sites for dermal fillers, but there are plenty of other places that fillers can be used to gain fantastic results. The cheeks are always a popular option since we lose “good fat” in this area prematurely. Dermal fillers below the eyes can fill in hollow areas, reduce laxity, and minimize dark circles.

Dermal fillers can also be placed along the jawline for a stronger “cut” line. This can be a great look by itself, or you can opt for the heart-shaped face strategy. This calls for fillers along the jawline, the temples, and the cheeks. You can even get dermal fillers on the tops of the hands! Your face isn’t the only place in which signs of aging appear. Don’t let your hands give you away. Fillers can restore youthfulness (and look great when you’re slipping off those winter mittens).

Instant Results

Dermal filler results are immediate, but can cause some minor redness and bruising in the week or so after your appointment. If you want instant gratification, go with a HydraFacial! This luxury, three-step treatment takes just 30 minutes and has no downtime. In quick succession, your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated, pores will be extracted, and your skin will be infused with hand-selected medical-grade skin care products. It’s a good way to try out products before purchasing them—and HydraFacials are a solid prep for laser skin rejuvenation.

Lasers also typically take some time to show results. We offer light/superficial and medium depth lasers, which means minimal downtime. A HydraFacial helps the beams of light to penetrate deeper, so you get enhanced results. Some strategies include combining lasers, with some so gentle that you can often do this in the same appointment! There are lasers for every skin tone and type, including those rich with melanin.

The Ultimate Holiday Guide

Chemical peels in light or medium depths can also clear and brighten skin, addressing the most common skin concerns like lines and wrinkles, scarring, acne, hyperpigmentation, and more. Depending on the chemical peel depth, little to no downtime might be required. A medium-depth peel will leave some redness and dryness for a few weeks after the treatment, so right now is the perfect time to schedule your appointment.

Prefer something all natural and subtler? Microneedling is a popular procedure by itself, or it can be added to virtually any other treatment. Microneedling is well over a century old and works by creating safe, tiny micro-wounds in the skin. The body responds by healing itself, encouraging collagen production and rushing blood to the treated site. Microneedling can be done once per month so you can sustain the results you’ll quickly love.

When it comes to looking fab this winter, prep time starts now. We have all the treatments and tools you need to achieve your skin goals. In-office treatments combined with medical-grade skin care products for at-home regimens is the secret to turning back the clock and falling in love with your skin. Contact RefinedMD today by calling (408) 688-2082 or filling out the contact form.