Instagram Highlights Gorgeous Results of the Deep Plane Facelift

Gorgeous Results of the Deep Plane Facelift | RefinedMD

Instagram Highlights Gorgeous Results of the Deep Plane Facelift

Facelifts have long been one of the first and most popular facial plastic surgeries everyone—women and men—desires. It remains one of the most requested surgical procedures at RefinedMD, where double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy specializes in facial plastics. Facelifts have been around for several years, but of course the technique behind this treatment is always evolving. Thankfully, gone are the days of the windswept look of the 1990s where the focus was all about tightening the skin and little else. These days, there are strategies for a facelift that allow for both a dramatic and natural result. Oftentimes, this is achieved with the “deep place facelift” technique, which is having quite the moment on Instagram.

We look to social media for the latest trends as well as insight on various beauty treatments including facelifts. It’s where many first learned about lip fillers, different types of laser skin rejuvenation, the latest options for chemical peels, and more. We are also in an era where the taboo behind plastic surgery is dissipating, and many people on social media are transparent and forthcoming about what they’re having “done.” A lot of people on Instagram in particular have been showing off their results from deep plane facelifts, and experts say it is in part responsible for driving the demand behind this particular technique.

The Deep Plane Difference

Just a few years ago, patients knew (or thought they knew) what a “facelift” was, but it was rare that they were aware of the names of various techniques. In fact, not too long ago many people didn’t realize that all facelifts exclusively treat laxity of the lower half of the face and the neck (not the upper face). These days, surgeons like Dr. Roy have seen an influx of patients who not only know what a facelift does but ask for the deep plane facelift by name. Educating yourself prior to your consultation can be helpful, but it is also important to stay wary of “information” gleaned from online sources like social media.

People are asking for the deep plane facelift because they are seeing the results on social media. Celebrities and non-celebs alike are increasingly sharing their results, and others are seeing just how dramatic and beautiful these results can be—assuming you only work with a reputable, leading surgeon. A deep plane facelift is a complex procedure that delves well below (ahem, deep) just the skin. As the most complex facelift procedure, it addresses the thick tissue (SMAS) to ensure a completely natural outcome that can still make a patient look several years younger. Instead of “lifting” just at the superficial skin layer, it goes into the dissection plane where most of the skin laxity occurs. Lifting all of these layers does not only help a person look 10+ years younger on average, but also helps to preserve blood supply while keeping the facial features that make you you intact. It might sound like a deep plane facelift might require more downtime and recovery than other types of facelifts, but since it also keeps the skin attachments intact it actually offers a quicker healing period than more superficial facelifts. Unlike other types of facelifts, a deep plane facelift is more of a vertical lift that battles the effects of gravity on a more comprehensive level. A positive shift in volume distribution, moving from the lower cheek to the upper cheek, is another key benefit of a deep plane lift.

Additionally, the neck during a deep plane facelift also enjoys a better lift. The SMAS includes the platysma muscle and moves down the face. When the tissue in this kind of facelift is elevated, it ends up affecting not only the lower face and neck, but also the midface. This is not the case with other kinds of facelifts and can be an excellent solution for those who need a little more lift than what “just” a superficial facelift can provide.

What to Know About Facelifts

Given the details of a deep plane facelift, you might think this is obviously the surgery for you. However, the best facelift is not one that is picked off of social media, but one that is designed just for you. Techniques and procedures should be customized for each person. Dr. Roy provides facelifts with results that last 10 – 15 years on average and even if you never undergo another surgery, you will always look several years younger than someone who never had surgery. Scars for all types of facelifts are small, fade to white, thin, and can often be hidden within the crevices of the ears or deep within the hairline. Initial healing is just 2 – 3 weeks and after six weeks most people feel confident attending special events (though “full recovery” takes up to six months). To learn more or schedule your consult with Dr. Roy at RefinedMD, call the office or fill out the online contact form right now.