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Jessica Simpson for Emface

BTL, the makers of the famed Emsculpt, also offer toning and tightening solutions for the face—with no needles and no downtime. Emface is available at RefinedMD, where countless patients are discovering the secret to a more taut, youthful face without the pain, recovery period, and risks of more invasive procedures like surgery. It is one of the first sculpting treatments specifically for the face, and Jessica Simpson (along with many other celebrities) has been sharing her own facial sculpting journey on social media as an advocate and partner with BTL.

Sharing her first Emface treatment on Instagram, Simpson live-streamed her reaction as she laughs at the tingling sensation. She says it feels like she’s been “kissed by Emface all over!” In her post, she details the experience as feeling like a kiss rather than uncomfortable. Just like Emsculpt, which is designed for the body, Emface works by forcing muscles into supramaximal contractions in perfect, quick successions. With nearly 20 muscles in the face alone, toning them can significantly alter your appearance for the better. You may have heard of “face yoga” and other such exercises, but it’s already tough enough to squeeze in time at the gym to tone the rest of the body. Most people simply don’t have time to tone their face on a daily basis—this is where Emface makes all the difference.

Why Toning the Face Works

Our bodies are tighter, tauter, and more youthful when we have a solid workout regimen in place. The same can be true of the face, but almost nobody can commit to facial workouts. Plus, even if you did make the time, Emface can simply ensure more contractions in just a few minutes. Muscles don’t care how they are worked out, whether it’s face yoga or Emface. The results are going to be the same. If your facial muscles undergo thousands of contractions with Emface, they are going to respond by getting stronger and, in turn, your face will look tighter.

Emface was quick to gain fans when it made its debut as the totally painless, non-invasive option for facial toning. The number of muscles it can target is unprecedented and nobody can actually recruit all of these muscles with a single exercise. Muscles like the zygomaticus, levator labii superioris, and minor zygomaticus can all be difficult to engage in a work out, but they aren’t a problem for Emface.

The Science Behind Emface

Emface combines the power of radiofrequency energy with high intensity focused electrical stimulation. When it targets the forehead and cheeks, a natural lift will occur. Working the jawline has also yielded fantastic results for many clients, as well as the brow-lid area. Just keep in mind that results aren’t going to be immediate. Muscles take time to grow and get stronger, so you will start to see results about one month after your first treatment. Progress photos are a great way to keep track. On average, most people need about four initial sessions spaced one month apart for optimal results. Maintenance appointments every few months help you keep the outcome you’re going to love.

You can also combine Emface with other treatments for more tightening, such as a chemical peel or laser skin rejuvenation. Since Emface is not invasive, you can opt for it along with other procedures and treatments during the same appointment. Of course, combining BTL technologies, such as Emface and Emsculpt, for a total body revitalization is also a popular option. A customized treatment plan will be designed just for you during your consultation.

Serving Face

Men and women of all ages can be fantastic candidates for Emface. Younger clients are choosing Emface in order to keep the youthful appearance they have and ward off signs of aging. Others are using Emface as a means of delaying more aggressive options. It’s also a favorite for those who prioritize all-natural treatments, since Emface is simply using your own muscles strength to turn back the clock.

If you want to try Emface, right now is the perfect time to get started. You’ll be able to see full results by summer, just in time for those holiday photos. To get started, get in touch with RefinedMD today. Call the office during business hours or complete the online contact form right now.