Katie Couric Promotes Natural Beauty in Selfie

Katie Couric Promotes Natural Beauty | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Katie Couric Promotes Natural Beauty in Selfie

It is rare for the 61-year-old journalist to post a selfie on Instagram, and when she recently posted a makeup-free shot, her followers went wild. Katie Couric is a longtime supporter of natural beauty and organic procedures, like microneedling which is one of the many offerings at RefinedMD that uses the body’s own healing powers for aesthetic purposes.

Aptly named, microneedling uses a special tool to create tiny micro-punctures in the skin. It forces the body to produce collagen to heal. Collagen is produced less and less in the body as we age, but can be manipulated by a professional to restart production en masse.

Couric appeared in the selfie with pajamas, glasses, and not a whit of makeup. She says she hoped the picture would encourage others to appreciate and celebrate their own natural beauty. In the caption, she pointed to the latest troubling research about selfies: “An article in the latest issue of JAMA says plastic surgeons are increasingly getting requests to make people look as good as they do in their selfies after they edit them,” she wrote. “Researchers call it ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ and they say it is having a negative impact on self-esteem and can even trigger body dysmorphic disorder, which is classified as a mental illness. Clearly, I am bucking that trend. I also have a terrible sore throat. #happymonday.”

Couric cited an article published August 2, 2018, that has been making headlines since it was released. The researchers involved with the Snapchat dysmorphia research began their study when they noticed how many people were going to cosmetic surgeons with heavily edited photos. Researchers call the trend alarming and say, “Filtered selfies often present an unattainable look and are blurring the line of reality and fantasy for these patients.”

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Snapchat dysmorphia is now considered part of the overarching body dysmorphic disorder by experts. Cosmetic procedures can be a great option for some clients, but it is important to remember the natural self is gorgeous, too, such as microneedling. Choosing safe, non-invasive procedures that use the body’s natural healing powers to look and feel your best is a much healthier approach. Contact RefinedMD for more information on natural procedures – (408) 688-2082.