Laser Hair Removal as a Routine Part of Your Skin Regimen

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Laser Hair Removal as a Routine Part of Your Skin Regimen

If you got laser hair removal years ago, why are you still seeing some hair growth? It’s one of the most common questions at RefinedMD, and there are a few different answers. For starters, laser hair removal has never removed hair entirely or permanently. Instead, it dramatically reduces hair growth—but only if you choose the right laser for you and it’s administered by a professional.

How To Permanently Get Rid Of Hair Stubborn Growth

The only way to permanently get rid of hair is through electrolysis, which is a very painful procedure. However, the right laser hair removal can reduce hair growth so much that many people no longer need to shave. You can get laser hair removal anywhere on the body, and today’s machines are capable of covering large areas like the legs and back. The discomfort level of lasers varies based on the person and laser and can range from painless to feeling like a rubber band snaps. Plus, laser hair removal tends to get more comfortable with every session.

Another reason you might feel like you have more hair than you should after laser hair treatment is because the wrong laser was used. Different lasers are designed for different hair types. For instance, if you have fair skin and dark body hair, you’ll get better results from certain lasers than someone with light body hair. Laser technology is also constantly evolving. If you got laser hair removal years ago, today’s technology is so much more advanced than you’ll naturally get much better results today.

It’s best to think of laser hair treatment as an ongoing procedure for life. You’ll likely benefit from routine maintenance sessions throughout the years (and you’ll want to check out future technologies!). Going into laser hair removal thinking you’ll be completely hair-free is the wrong approach. Instead, focus on decreasing hair to the point where you can skip or avoid shaving with confidence.

Work With RefinedMD To Banish Unwanted Hair For Good

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