Laser Hair Removal with Cutera Excel HR System

Laser Hair Removal with Cutera Excel HR System | RefinedMD

Laser Hair Removal with Cutera Excel HR System

RefinedMD is proud to offer cutting-edge laser technology using the CUTERA EXCEL HR SYSTEM for removal of unwanted hair anywhere on your body and with two different technologies at our disposal we are able to treat all skin types safely and effectively. Let’s get you started in anticipation of showing off your clean smooth body now.

What areas can be treated? Typical areas include around the mouth, lower face, armpits, backs, bikini areas, and legs. We can sculpt eyebrows, better define hairlines, give you a clean bikini line and even go for a full Brazilian if you dare. Men are welcome too. Most women do not find hairy backs that sexy guys! We’ve seen it all, so just let us know what needs to go.

Does it work for all hair types? No. There must be some pigment in the hair and the hair must be in the follicle in order to deliver energy to the growth point of the hair. No laser works for either blond or white hair. Hair can be fine or coarse, just as long as it has shades of brown or black in it.

How about my skin color? We have the safest technology to treat all skin types and color. We only ask that you come in for treatment without any recent tanning as this pigmentation is very superficial in the skin and difficult to treat through, thus creating the risk of a burn or blister. No fake tans either! We can truly treat the fairest skin and the darkest skin all with great safety and effectiveness.

How many treatments does it take? The usual range is 6 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. The reason for this is that laser energy only treats hairs that are in the active growth phase and all of those treated in a single visit are not destroyed. In general, you will see a 50% reduction of hairs with each treatment. We then need 6 weeks to allow the hairs that recover to begin regrowing and join with those dormant hairs returning to active growth phase in order to be available for the next treatment. You do the math and it makes sense that it takes 6 treatments.

Can I wax or pluck hairs in between the treatments? No. It is OK to shave or use a chemical depilatory such as Nair or Neet, but remember the hair must be in the follicle in order to deliver the energy where it kills the follicle. No waxing, plucking or threading!

Is it painful? Pain thresholds vary a lot based on the person and the location. We control a significant portion of the discomfort with our superchilled cooling tips. Our state of the art sapphire chilled tips really make the difference. For delicate areas, application of a numbing cream about 30 minutes before treatment can be of benefit. When energy is delivered correctly into the follicle there will be small goosebumps surrounding each hair follicle at the end of treatment. These fade within an hour or so.

Is laser hair treatment life-long*? These systems are FDA approved for hair reduction. Over the years we have found very good clearing and control for years after the treatment series. Over a lifetime there are actually new hair follicles appearing in hair-bearing areas, but ones that have been treated are gone for good. Repeat treatments are usually only for those new stragglers that appear over time. Individual results may vary so please schedule a consultation with our team today.