Lasers Can Help Complement Facial Plastic Surgery

Lasers Can Help Complement Facial Plastic Surgery | RefinedMD

Lasers Can Help Complement Facial Plastic Surgery

Generally, the more aggressive the treatment, the more dramatic the results. A full facelift can help someone look 10+ years younger by lifting and tightening the skin. At RefinedMD, double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy specializes in facial cosmetic surgery, but there’s a reason our clinic also offers a rich variety of non-surgical treatments. For most people, mixing and matching surgical and non-surgical treatments is the secret to results you’ll really love. Let’s take a look at why facial plastic surgery doesn’t always give you exactly what you want, and the easy add-on that can get you there.

Facial plastic surgery such as a facelift, mini lift, necklift, and upper or lower eyelid lift work by actually removing and re-draping the skin to achieve a more youthful look. When you remove excess skin that causes sagging, you’re going to get phenomenal results (especially when you work with a leading plastic surgeon). However, what a lot of patients forget is that surgery doesn’t change the quality of the skin itself—only the laxity. So, you might vanquish wrinkles and laxity, but if you have acne scarring, sun damage, unwanted brown spots, or overall dull or poor texture, surgery isn’t going to do anything about that. But laser skin rejuvenation will.

The World of Lasers

Lasers and light therapy devices come with various technologies and are all designed to treat different conditions. There is a laser for every skin tone and type, and one of the best ways to amplify the results of surgery is with a laser. You can also use lasers without surgery of course, and many people do. It’s one of the best ways to seriously upgrade your skin by erasing all kinds of damage (including wrinkles!). A great laser skin revitalization regimen can even delay the need or desire for plastic surgery for years.

We are often asked why we have so many lasers, and the answer is simple: we carry all of the best, safest, and most effective tools to help you care for your skin. Every laser is different and designed to treat different concerns. Some lasers should not be used on melanin-rich skin, as lightening can occur, so we make sure to have lasers that work for all skin tones. If you have been thinking about laser skin rejuvenation but don’t know where to start—either to complement surgery or by itself—a medical office with a large variety is the best place to begin this journey.

De-bunking Laser Myths

Years ago, lasers were associated with painful treatments and a long downtime. There are still hyper-aggressive lasers out there that “ablate” the skin (leave open wounds), but those are rarely used. Today, technology has advanced so that lasers with a gentle touch pack a powerful punch. Most of the lasers available in our office require little to no downtime. Some lasers are used for pre-juvenation, and you can opt for monthly appointments to achieve and maintain beautiful, youthful skin while warding off wrinkles.

Light-based devices, such as IPL and BBL, work similarly to “real” lasers and are considered part of the laser family. Many lasers are collagen induction treatments, so they youth-ify from the inside out by tapping into your body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. There’s no singular “best” laser for anyone because it depends on your skin and your goals, but the best place to start is with a consultation.

If you’re ready to see the difference that laser skin rejuvenation can make, schedule a consult today with your local laser pros. Sometimes mixing and matching lasers is the best approach, or we can discuss other treatments to help get you to your goals (such as fillers, facials, or chemical peels). Connect with RefinedMD today to schedule your appointment or consult by calling the office or, for the quickest reply, simply complete the online contact form right now.