Lip Fillers Can Help with Winter Cracked, Dry Lips

Lip Fillers Can Help with Winter Cracked, Dry Lips | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Lip Fillers Can Help with Winter Cracked, Dry Lips

For many, cooler weather means lips that are dry, cracked, peeling, and bleeding. RefinedMD is committed to helping your skin look and feel itself year-round, and when it comes to addressing painful winter lips you might be surprised at some of the fixes! Those who struggle with cracking at the corners of the mouth may benefit from expertly injected dermal fillers. Here’s more on how to handle this winter woe using some of your favorite products.

It’s important to keep skin hydrated, and for the lips that typically means Chapstick or lip balm. However, this is a very mild approach that can help with minimal tightness and flaking caused by cool, dry weather. If you’ve noticed that your Chapstick just isn’t cutting it this year, it’s time to try something different. Even prescription lip balms can’t do much against the agony of extreme cracking and dryness.

What CAUSES Dry Lips, Exactly?

There are over 3,000 unique dermatological conditions and chapped lips is one of them! The technical term for this common condition is angular cheilitis and it can be diagnosed when you present with lips and surrounding skin areas that are red, dry, and painfully cracked. This condition is more intense than mainstream dry lips, and can even make talking and chewing unbearable. Not only do Chapstick and balms fail to relieve this pain, they also aren’t doing anything to heal those cracks.

Angular cheilitis is technically an inflammation that’s caused by saliva gathering around the mouth. When an overabundance of yeast accumulates, this condition occurs. This also explains why topical treatments like Chapstick are ineffective. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, when you further moisten areas affected by angular cheilitis, you actually make it worse (though some do experience some very temporary relief, which is how you can get sucked into this vicious cycle). The organization states, “The excess moisture may lead to secondary infection with microorganisms, such as Candida yeast or Staphylococcus bacteria.” Further, those who are already sensitive to fungal diseases or yeast can have more severe issues, as can those who are immunosuppressed.

How to Combat Serious Chapped Lips

Your doctor may recommend wearing a nightguard, which can help reduce drool that can cause or worsen the condition. However, a lot of people aren’t eager to add this undeniably un-sexy tool to their bedtime routine. There are some special prescription options, such as hydrocortisone steroids, that can be applied thrice per day—but many people understandably don’t want to use steroids if they don’t have to. That’s where lip fillers can save the day, and we have all of the safest and most effective fillers to choose from.

Ultimately, this condition can be prevented and treated if there is some kind of “barrier” at the sides of the mouth. A small amount of lip filler injected into the lateral commissures (corners of the mouth) slightly turns the corners up and can stop saliva from gathering. Of course, lip fillers also come with many cosmetic benefits, making them a double whammy for a winter win.

Lip Fillers for Cosmetic and Medical Reasons

Injectables have a long history of pulling double duty. Beloved Botox of course stops wrinkles in their tracks, but it is also commonly used to prevent migraines and stop excessive sweating. It turns out the fillers can also help with medical issues, too. If you’d like fuller, more youthful lips that aren’t red, painful, and cracked this winter, maybe it’s time to ditch the steroids and try lip fillers! Most lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally in the skin. Results are immediate, natural-looking, stunning, and can last for over one year depending on the type and amount of filler used.

Lip fillers can also help “fill in” the natural lines in the lips, which can further decrease risks of more routine cracking, flaking, and dryness. If you’re interested in learning more about dermal fillers, including details on the many options we carry, schedule a consultation today. Complimentary consultations are not available for every treatment. Call the office at 408-688-2082 or simply fill out the contact form or start an online chat during business hours.