Are Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Too Expensive?

Are Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Too Expensive?

Are Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Too Expensive?

A lot of our clients say they don’t use medical-grade skin care products because they’re too expensive—but are they? At RefinedMD, we only carry the highest quality medical-grade products to help you achieve your skin goals. The bottles and tubes of medical-grade products do look a lot smaller than what you can find at the store, but that’s because they have no fillers. You need to use a much smaller amount, often no larger than a pea, to get the optimal results from these products.

Your medical-grade products are going to last a lot longer than what you find in store and online—and even in high-end department stores! Another reason some clients are wary of medical-grade products is because they don’t recognize the name. How can something be so great if you’ve never heard of it? The truth is that medical-grade skin care manufacturers rarely (if ever) advertise. They don’t need to. You’re not going to see these products in magazines or on commercials because it’s your dermatologist who’s going to tell you what the best product is for your skin.

What Makes Medical-Grade Better

Legally, only products deemed “medical-grade” can contain certain, high-powered skin care ingredients and at higher levels. No matter how much you spend on fancy products, they simply can’t have the same level of quality at the same concentration as medical-grade products. In the end, you’re going to pay the same price or even much less for medical-grade products than for anything you can find in stores.

Your skin is the largest organ you have. Take care of it. It’s difficult to think of our skin as an organ because it’s external, but try comparing it to your liver. Your liver counts on water (as well as a lot of other things!) in order to stay functional and healthy. If you give it nothing but soda, it’s probably going to keep working for a long time, but at what cost? You already know it’s not going to be as healthy as it could be, and the same goes for your skin.

Think of medical-grade products as the skin’s equivalent of water for the liver. It properly cleanses, hydrates, and refreshes it. It keeps it healthy! Non-medical-grade products can be like the soda for skin. Sure, you might be able to glean a little benefit from these store-bought products, but they’re worlds away from the great stuff.

Shopping for Medical-Grade Skin Care

Only certain, approved places—like your dermatology office—can legally sell medical-grade products. If you spot them for sale on non-dermatological websites (especially at big discounts!), know that they might be knock-offs or watered-down products. In some extreme situations, these products could even be tampered with and filled with ingredients that will hurt your skin. Sting operations have been taking place at record-rates at famous street markets where it’s been discovered that some products are filled with glue and other hazardous materials.

If you want to score a discount and the best prices on medical-grade products, your dermatologist is the best resource. RefinedMD has new deals and discounts every month on the best medical-grade products so you can try everything out! Check out our specials page to see what’s available today or schedule a complimentary consultation so you can get matched with the top-rated products just for your skin and goals.

Whether you want to find a gentle cleanser, the ultimate moisturizer for you, or specialty products to treat conditions from acne to eczema, we have the products you need at the right prices. In many cases, only medical-grade products can really treat your dermatological problems—including acne! That’s a real medical condition that can be severe, uncomfortable, and cause lasting scarring if not treated correctly.

As we gear up for summer, don’t ignore this very important organ. Your skin has different needs this time of year, so get in touch with RefinedMD today and meet your skin care match. Give us a call, fill out the online form, or start a chat right now.