Meet Carlos Sandoval, FNP

Refined Dermatology | Los Gatos + Greater San Jose

At Refined Dermatology, we really can make them all be California girls and boys—with that Golden Coast complexion Carlos Sandoval, RN sports every day. “Aging is inevitable,” he explains, “but with the right skin care and cosmetic procedures, you don’t have to age overnight.” A Registered Nurse and Bay Area native, he grew up in Sonoma (don’t be jealous) and has been living in South Bay since 2007. Carlos joined Refined Dermatology in 2014 as a Medical Assistant with over eight years of MA experience including medical and cosmetic dermatology. Book your appointment with Refined Dermatology, and see for yourself how incredible it is to be treated by an all-star team which includes Carlos.

Carlos Sandoval, FNP | Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos and San Jose, California

In 2017, Carlos completed his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from San Francisco State University, Magna Cum Laude. He’s also a graduate of Mission College in Santa Ana where he received his Associates of Sciences in Biological Sciences. However, his passion for dermatology began as a teenager. You can’t tell these days, but as a teenager, he was a victim of cystic acne. After two courses of Accutane, his skin was technically clear of acne, but riddled with terrible acne scarring. Carlos is committed to helping others avoid that fate, and treats any and all concerns effectively. With the help of esthetic treatments, his skin has improved immensely since those awkward teen years, and in the process, he became an expert on these procedures.

Carlos supports the medical staff in both medical and cosmetic dermatology procedures. He might be the one performing your injectable or laser treatments. He’s also the head honcho when it comes to follow-up and assessments with dermatology patients. Armed with expertise in Microneedling, Ultherapy, Clear & Brilliant, and Broadband Light, Carlos helps patients achieve their best results.

When he isn’t ushering patients towards the skin they deserve, Carlos likes working out, taking advantage of the California sunshine (fully sunscreen protected) by camping, and of course wine tasting. Patients who team up with Carlos will get the insider’s secrets to the best wine in Sonoma and Napa Valley, along with plenty of reassurances that with the right amount of water, you can easily avoid wine-induced dehydration that can lead to thirsty skin. Make your appointment with Refined Dermatology by calling (408) 688-2082 to ensure your skin is in great hands.